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Fantini Mosaici's limited-edition collection of 10 coffee tables, made in the shape of the map of Lebanon. Image Credit: Supplied

Ever since the August 4 blasts at the Beirut Port in Lebanon, various groups have come forward to help out. Some are dedicated to rebuilding the homes, offices, workshops and lives of those effected. Here are six such organisations making their mark.

Designed for Lebanon

Fantini Mosaici, the Italian mosaic-making atelier has designed a limited-edition table or objet d’art in support of the tragic situation in the Lebanese capital. All the proceeds generated from the sales of the artisanal mosaic tables will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross.

This limited-edition collection of 10 coffee tables, made in the shape of the map of Lebanon is hand decorated with pieces of Murano glass mosaic to form the Lebanese flag. A spokesperson for the firm’s Abu Dhabi office said: “We want to make a contribution to the Lebanese Red Cross, as there are so many people who, through no fault of their own, are in dire need of some support, during this ongoing crisis. We will give 100-per cent of the proceeds from the sales of these objects to charity.”

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Together for Beirut

In partnership with Emirates Red Crescent for the Lebanon Relief Fund, Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue is running a donation drive till August 29.

Headlined by ‘A day for Beirut’ on August 15 that saw businesses at the Al Quoz based creative community donate 100 per cent of their profits of that day — matched by the Alserkal foundation — the initiative is accepting urgently required everyday items. From dry and canned food, to first aid kits, hygiene products, toys and even spare change, no donation is too small.

To find out more about how to can contribute on the last day of Alserkal’s ‘Together for Beirut’ drive, visit

House of Today

Committed to promoting Lebanese design talent on a global platform, House of Today is looking to provide support to designers as well as artisans and design students, House of Today invites Beiruti creative entrepreneurs impacted by the blast to outline the extent of damage to their homes or businesses.

Donations received will be channelled to help rebuild houses and workshops so that Lebanon’s creative community can get back on its feet. Donations will also be used to help in-house designers enrol in international residency programs and create opportunities for Lebanese design students to study abroad.

Go to and their Instagram @houseoftoday for more information.

United for Lebanese Creatives

With the support of Starch Foundation, Slow Factory Foundation, Fondation Saradar, Bureau Des Createurs, Maison Pyramide, Faux Consultancy and Roni Helou, and complimented by a coordinating campaign, ‘United for Lebanese Creatives’ will provide assistance to 39 applicants impacted within the heart of Beirut’s creative community — the neighbourhoods Mar Mikhael, Saifi Village and Gemmayzeh, all unimaginably devastated by the blast.

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Rebuild Beirut

Established by Live Love Lebanon, an independent non-profit that was founded in 2012 with the goal of sharing, celebrating and helping the beauty of Lebanon, Rebuild Beirut is working across three critical platforms to drive community action to help those who need it most.

Through their website people can request assistance or help locate someone in need, map families and houses that have been effected by the blast and corral volunteers who are then matched with relevant groups, families and people in need to ensure maximum effectiveness. Donations will help close the circle by equipping volunteers with tools, services and goods to assist those most in need.

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Beb w’ Shebbek

Two powerhouses in Lebanon’s design community, Mariana Wehbe, a leading design-focused PR guru and Nancy Gabriel, the co-founder the collectible design gallery, Gabriel et Guillaume, have launched Beb w’ Shebbek (translated as ‘doors and windows’). Rallying the skills and resources of their design industry friends and with the help of donations they aim to do install new doors and windows to help families start rebuilding their lives and restore Beirut’s glory.

Follow them on Instagram @bebwshebbek. Go to for more details.