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Dubai: Losing weight can be very difficult for many people. It’s why the weight loss industry, whether gyms, supplements or even exercise gear is a multibillion-dollar industry. But sometimes, being healthy doesn’t need any of that. It is a simple and straightforward process.

Rachael Sacerdoti, and Iraqi fitness coach who launched It’s SO Simple, a fitness program based on her weight loss journey in Dubai shares tips on how to help busy women start and sustain a fitness routine.

1. Demystify myths associated with body image and exercising

These are all false:

• Lifting heavy weights will make you bulky

• You get abs by doing lots of ab exercises

• You can change your body shape by working on specific body parts

• Don’t obsesses about the scales – they only tell part of the story

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These are all true:

• Lifting weights will increase muscle tone but will not make you look bulky.

• Abs are made in the kitchen. Nutrition is very important when we want to see muscle definition especially in the stomach area.

• You can’t sculpt your body by selectively losing fat in specific places. The only way to influence body shape, is to lose fat and sculpt your body through developing specific muscles.

• The weighing scale will not disclose muscle gain or water weight. Muscle is denser than fat - meaning it will take less space than fat. Whilst you may not be losing weight on the scale, you can still be losing inches or losing body fat.

2. Specific food groups can work side by side to reach goals quicker

• There is a place for all food groups in a healthy diet, never deprive yourself.

• Protein is a critical part of regenerating and building strong muscles, make sure you pack your meals with lean proteins like chicken breast and white fish.

• Carbohydrates are not the enemy! Aim to eat whole grains and carbs with low glycemic index e.g. Swap sweet potato for potato.

• As a broad rule, your plate should be split: 50 per cent of your daily calories from carbs, 35 per cent from protein and 15 per cent from fats.

• Vegetables should be included in all meals as they are rich in fibre, nutrients and anti-oxidants.

3. Eat well and be creative with your meals

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Being in a calorie deficit diet can be sustainable if we’re creative with our meals. For example, Egg Taco is perfectly balanced because it contains all food groups. The wrap is the main carb. The eggs contain both protein and fat. The cheese contains both protein and fat. And the vegetables are rich in fiber and are packed full of vitamins.

The truth is, what you should or should not eat all depends on your body. Because you, at a cellular level, are not the same as anyone else out there. The new approach to healthy eating is not a one-size fits-all. Everyone has a unique genetic make-up, health history, lifestyle and mental well-being, therefore you need to really dig into who you are with a professional and customize a life that will serve your body as a whole.

4. The ease of a complete fitness regime can be done from the comfort of your own living room.

All we need is a small space at home where you can lay your mat and few small weights and bands. In these COVID times, many people have discovered the convenience and ease of exercising at home. Make fitness a ritual in you day. No more excuses.