Dr Michaela Jaksch-Angerer
Dr Michaela Jaksch-Angerer, Medical Director, Freiburg Medical Laboratory Image Credit: Supplied


Dr Michaela Jaksch-Angerer, Medical Director, Freiburg Medical Laboratory, discusses the outlook for the healthcare sector in the UAE and how FML maintains the trust and reliability of its patients

What is the best way to describe Freiburg Medical Laboratory (FML)?

FML’s outstanding reputation is based on essential values shared by the entire staff. In order to build up a successful laboratory team, communication is the key to efficiency and satisfaction. In fact, FML maintains the old school of trust and reliability by focusing on full transparency and ethical principles — and by not setting commercial issues as priority. In this context, a transparent error management is mandatory. We have also been focussing on environmental issues since years. We were very successful in significantly reducing waste, including tonnes of paper as well as power and water. We will continuously improve and concentrate on sustainability. All this creates a good working atmosphere with respect and discipline being central elements for the team.

What type of services do you provide to your patients?

We offer real-time PCR testing for molecular virology since 2004, as well as a comprehensive program for the diagnosis of autoimmune disorders. Due to my extensive research background in genetics (see peer reviewed publications in PubMed), we are also focusing on genetic disorders onsite and together with partner labs in Europe. Other state-of-the -art diagnostics are clinical chemistry, endocrinology, immunology and allergy, hematology, coagulation and blood-grouping, serology and microbiology, risk factor assessments such as first trimester screening and — of course — since March 2020, Covid-19 RT PCR testing. In addition, FML is member of Synlab, the largest laboratory diagnostics provider in Europe, enabling us to provide almost 100 per cent of the parameters requested.

What is your long-term outlook for the healthcare sector in the UAE and what are the sector drivers?

The UAE healthcare sector, guided by the health authorities, have proven to be highly professional during the pandemic; this includes the outstanding vaccination program. The speed in digitalisation, innovation, training and education programs (universities) as well as selecting the right brains (doctors, technologists and nurses, nutritionists, therapists, quality managers, etc.) will position the UAE on the top in the field of diagnostics and treatment. Patients from the GCC and other destinations are expected to come in larger numbers. In fact, we believe that this sector will have a bright future.

What are the latest technologies introduced by FML and how will they benefit patients?

FML offers all the latest technologies together with Synlab, starting from new generation sequencing (NGS), mass spectrometry, non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), RT-PCR, latest technology reagents and analysers from Roche and other top-quality providers.

The benefit for the patient is that laboratory medicine is a highly expanding field with better, more specific and sensitive testing possibilities. Please note that most medical diagnoses rely on accurate laboratory results to over 70 per cent.

What are the FML’s plans and goals for the future?

FML was the first medical laboratory in the Middle East to obtain the international accreditation ISO 15189 in summer 2008. Maintaining highest quality standards, further focusing on sustainability and innovation, and growing reasonably together by cultivating above mentioned values — this all may sound conservative — but will keep us healthy and stable.

— For more details, visit the website www.fml-dubai.com.