Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

There’s a saying: “Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul needs.” This indoor cycling studio at Oberoi Hotel Business Bay in Dubai knows this too well.

Upon entering the studio, you are transported to another world where your only concern is everything that happens inside the room. Dim lights, friendly faces sitting on their stationary bikes and the candles only heighten your curiosity.

Motion Cycling, founded by Amelie Hua, is an indoor cycling studio that aims to move people physically — by torching up to 1,000 calories per class — and emotionally through the powerful music. Add to that their signature choreography and uplifting rock star instructors.

The music, the rhythm, the full-body choreography, everyone moving as one — it’s really an incredible experience.”

 - LAUREN BRUSH | Instructor

“Our music is a mix of everything and depends greatly from instructor to instructor. We try to fit the taste of everyone by including both old school and new music, commercial songs and dance, trap and electro remixes; more or less famous. From the rhythm to the lyrics, it’s meant to inspire, motivate and push people. It’s a physical and mental workout,” Hua says.

True to their words, being in that studio gives you a beautiful vibe. Classes are 45 minutes long, each choreographed according to the instructor’s playlist.

Student Cem, 34, admits she hates cardio like regular cycling, running on a treadmill or rowing.

“I feel like what these guys have done is figure out a way to make cardio fun. I don’t really look at it as a workout or chore that I have to do. It’s something that is fun,” she says.

Najla, 28, who plays tennis, does mixed martial arts and body building, says the setting keeps her focused.

“Since I do body building, I have to do some sort of cardio. There is stairmaster, elliptical or walking. I really hate them and it is so boring. I come here because the music is good, the vibe is amazing. I love how the space is completely dark, you don’t see anyone. You just worry about yourself,” she says.

The couple of times I’ve been to Motion Cycling have been an invigorating experience. But since I am not really a cyclist or someone who loves this particular exercise, I was a bit concerned about getting a full-body workout. Sure, cycling mainly focuses on quads, hamstring and glutes, but how does Motion Cycling make sure there is a balanced upper and lower body training?

“I make sure that every class is a completely balanced and full-body workout. Everything happens from the core, so if you have the correct position on the bike, your core will get a killer blast,” says instructor Lauren Brush. “We also incorporate chest, arms and abdominal movements in the form of choreography into every song. On top of that, we have a dedicated portion of class just for abs and arms and upper body, using weights.”

Brush added that the movements on the bike also include all different types of pushups, triceps dips and crunches. For the arms and abs section of the class, she incorporates weighted moves for an extra burn. Students also have the chance to use different sized weights that are right for them. And she likes to include back and chest strengthening exercises in her class as well so riders are working their entire upper body.

“It’s all about the energy that we build together inside the studio,” Brush says. “The music, the rhythm, the full-body choreography, everyone moving as one — it’s really an incredible experience. You just have to be a part of to understand.”

The details

Your first class at Motion Cycling will cost Dh50. After than it’s Dh120 per class. Prices reduce according to the package bought.