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Space holds silence. It also gives itself for, and to noise temporarily.

Silence is the essence, platform and the background of space. Silence and space are weaved. Space is quiet unless noise is introduced. Air introduces noise. Space is all-pervasive; there is no space that is “spaceless”.

You can’t cut a chunk out of the space and say, ‘hey, here it is, this is my piece of space.’ Yet, boundaries are created within spaces. A house, a building, rooms within a house, a corner of the house, there are spaces within spaces, mentally created too. Physically, countries have their aerial space and geographic boundaries are also created to emphasise space ownership.

- Space/ether is one of the five primordial elements (panch mahabhuta), of which we are composed of.

- Within our energetic body, space/akash/ether governs the throat chakra energy.

- Meditating on the element of space/ether, will guide you to respect your own inner wisdom. It will ‘show’ you how your inner space contains your inner wisdom and how your inner wisdom- space is ‘plugged’ / ‘connected’ with Divine-wisdom- space.

Mind: The Space of and for Thoughts

Mind has space too, just as there is space within the body. Haven’t you heard of mind-space? When one says, ‘I have mind-space to do this, not do this..?’ Thoughts occupy mind-space, thoughts are energy, they have their own form, shape, attribute, consciousness, presence. Lighter thoughts occupy less space in the mind, they are bouncy happy and bright by nature, the heavier thoughts are, yes, heavy, weighty and occupy much bigger spaces in the mind. So much so that heavy thoughts can clog the mind. There isn’t space for new ideas to move, germinate, grow.

All fixed notions carry weight. When the notions are turned into the realm of probabilities, then the weight becomes less. One feels open and ready for new experiences, ready to bring in the new and shed the old ideas, notions; the clinging stops, energetically and physically.

Spaces are sacred. They are created by the mind; the sacredness is created in the mind. Mind allocates that thought. The same space can be sacred to one but may not hold any significance for another. Sacredness of a shrine, for example, is a created space in the minds of so many people that the energy of the space changes. One automatically feels the sacred energy because it is collectively held in the minds of so many people at once, and passed on to generations even.

Similarly, some spaces may reek of fear. That is because, they got created in the mind of one and slowly started spreading and being held in the minds of those who heard and associated with it (fear). One spoke to another of fear about a space, it got spoken by the other to another and so, lot many minds started holding that energy of fear with that particular space. Fear got established in the mind of many and that association- of fear and the space- built / grew due to mind-feed (attention). Hence, that boundary of space gets associated with fear.

Potentiality of Thoughts

Our mind lends space to thoughts. Thoughts occupying the mind gives character to many aspects of our life as well. Where do thoughts dwell? They live in our mind-space, that is their home, thoughts home in the mind, just as lungs’ home is in the upper part of the body, for example. Each organ of the body has its own home/space. In every human body there’s a perfect home of each organ. Each organ occupies space within the body.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: