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We are creatures of habit, and more often than not, emotionally, thought-wise/feeling-wise we tend to think in a limited, constricted way during our trying times. These pinch one’s energy and is seen in the form of anxiety, stress, fear, doubt etc. What we feel, we create more of that, by sheer force of constant attention.

Moving out of such constricted feelings of anxiety, fear, etc, calls for shifting to the opposite, that is positive and life-force enhancing thought-feelings. This is best done in an incremental way.

Moving incrementally allows you the space to process the situation incrementally, one at a time, without feeling overwhelmed. Energetically speaking, overwhelming feeling translates as ‘burden’ of shifting. When an overtasked mind sees energy shift as burden, it doesn’t want to do the heavy lifting. Therefore, incremental work is the best, practised on a daily basis. This keeps the practice strong, active, familiar and ready-to-deploy, should a difficult situation pop up.

How does one keep up with the practice?

Start your day well on a positive note, as more positive experiences get added on to the day’s experiences due to the Law of Attraction factor, the momentum is built up and the mind-body energy is light. This implies being in the space of vitality, clarity, faith, determination, lightness, appreciation, empowering attitude; basically, being in the good-feeling space. Know that keeping positive is a conscious work.

Here are a few tools to move out from space of fear, anxiety or stress incrementally. As said earlier, it is each day’s work, little by little. The emotions/feelings serve as the guidance system to help understand where one stands.

Tools at hand

1. Yogic breathing: There are different pranayama methods, learn them under supervision and practise them. The voluntary control of breath and its conscious movement in correct ways enhances one’s life force. As the body and mind feels rejuvenated, clarity and vitality dawns. This is a positive shift.

2. Intend to have good-feeling thoughts, no matter what: When body and mind receive freshness of breath life-force, moving to good-feeling space is easier. Stay focused on the uplifting feelings, rising over and above the present constricted feelings/emotions. Continue to hold onto them, live and act from that positive space. Remember, whatever thoughts you give energy to, tends to grow.

3. Talk about solutions, not problems: Unconsciously, one may continue to talk about the ‘what-is’ (going-on) state; about current worries, insecurities, anxieties, doubts, fears etc. In constantly talking about problems, one continues to remain in that frequency state. So, talk about solutions, energise this area. This is incremental work to activate and manifest positive outcome(s), which currently is in its unmanifested state.

4. Faith and affirmations: (“Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness” — Barbara Johnson.) Rise above fear holding to faith, with affirmation such as, “I reside in faith”, “I have faith that the divine force guides my thoughts, actions and deeds”, “Avenues are open and available to me right now.” “Though my eyes don’t see, and mind can’t comprehend, but in my heart, I know, things are working out for me.”

5. Meditate: One may find it difficult to meditate in trying situations, however, know that quieting the mind with breathwork will give a pause to the momentum of adverse thoughts. As thoughts slow down, it offers respite and relief, offering a new vibrational space to begin with. Build on this by affirming uplifting thoughts.

Challenging times come as teachers to propel us, our soul-spirit, towards personal growth. It means change is required. The true purpose of challenges is to provide opportunity of learning, of course-correction, to live in an emotionally balanced state. Any state of emotion when lived in excess is imbalance.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: