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Transformation is a process. It is going beyond all the formations of the mind, beyond all the (mental) structures that one has built to make life ‘comfortable’.

When some structures are formed, it holds you that is, the personality aspect of you, captive at the level of comfort, whereas the nature of your spirit is to learn, to move, to grow. And so, the tussle begins in the being, between comfort of being at familiar spots — emotionally and habitually — and the need to move as well. To taste new flavour, you have to do the work, you have to seek.

Call for mental flexibility

When you start transforming you are not giving weight to prior (mental) structures. This means you are not enslaved by non-helping thought-structures. Transformation means you are ready to be in the change; the mind is open for new concepts, you have no hassles or inhibitions in dismantling old structures of belief that doesn’t make you feel good. And creating new ones that helps you to understand you better, your own nature better. Habits are not you. These can be changed.

Why should one seek transformation?

One should seek transformation for growth. Growth makes you feel complete, it brings a sense of satisfaction, a sense of peace. This is what most of you seek, peace. Peace comes with completeness. An unfinished work will keep beckoning you. This beckoning makes you feel restless from within, even if your life is what you would call ‘comfortable.’

It may be comfortable in the material sense but incomplete in the spiritual sense. Spiritual sense here means latent potential in you that wants an outlet, an expression. This expression is not possible if you choose to remain in material comfort. Consider your material comfort as a tool to begin your transformation. With this thought-structure, the work of transformation will be easy.

A few steps towards transformation

1. Ask what is the transformation you seek. What is it that you want from your spirit-life? Your comfort-life is only half the story. What is that you truly desire to do or be, if you had all the material comfort of the world? What can make you feel truly fulfilled?

2. Consider the gifts/talents you have. Have you honed them? They are here with you in this lifetime for a reason. Call it a starting point, an endowment from the Divine to assist you in your transformational journey towards fulfillment.

3. In your moments of peace, what would you like to do? Take a cue. Your spirit gives you hint; in moments of calm and peace, in your dreams, in a flash of inspiration, as and when you connect with your innate goodness.

How do you know you are in right path?

You being will be filled with vitality and enthusiasm, you will look forward to the next step, the next day. It will make you feel internally connected as the outer structures will start falling off, such as the habits of biding time with inane stuff, addictions, things that you know are meaningless for your spiritual joy.

Transformation is an inner-journey process. It takes time and tears. It will bring you to some dead-ends too, but in the end, the journey is worth taking because it will fill you with peace.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at