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In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the entire global system is facing a crisis situation; individuals, nations have been impacted. The lives and livelihoods of people are getting affected. Things, as if, have come to a standstill. Or, not quite; every day we learn. With every situation we learn.

We are connected

This physical or gross level situation symbolises that we are all connected. This event is a testimony to the fact that no matter what one does or think or say, even in one part of the world, has the capacity to impact and influence others, regardless of geographical boundaries. We are that connected.

This situation is a learning. How and in what way? Well, the consciousness is deepening for mankind (the collective) more than ever before, that we are indeed connected and that we are not, and never will be, separate from each other. Because only in togetherness, we grow. Isolation is an illusion.

However, we don’t have to continue learning from not-so-positive situations. We, as a collective, can always rise up and say: “Enough, I don’t give into this fear.”

Health is important, not just the individual health but also the collective health. Since we are not separate from each other, we must take care of each other. Systems collapse when we think that an individual doesn’t affect or impact others. One may or may not notice the impact, but it exists. So, wish others well, your work is dependent on others, your health is tied to the health of others. So, pray for collective wellness.

At an individual level, reject fear. How? Fear can be easy to reject if your health, not just physical health, but mental health is also robust, meaning, you think well of self and others. You maintain positive, optimistic thoughts for self and others. We all deserve good health and abundance. At spiritual level, one can always have, and deepen, the faith in the Higher power. The Intelligence that has created us, has the wherewithal, to guide us too.

Mankind’s Learning

The Universe doesn’t create anything in waste. In our illness, as we recover, we find ourselves changed at the spirit or soul level. In the vulnerability of our illnesses, we discover our strength, we change our priorities, we change those long held thoughts and beliefs which doesn’t serve any more. We re-awaken. We stop fearing. We change our perspective. In that sense, illness has served us, taught us.

What is this virus here to teach? It is here to restore our faith in self. If we are strong physically, mentally spiritually, and believe in our own strength, believe that wellness of others is our wellness, the fear will die.

The scientific community is divided whether viruses are alive organisms or not. But the agreement exists that viruses reproduce. But what do they feed on? Well, mostly on fear. In a weak immune system, viruses reproduce and thrive. Why does one have a weak immune system? Multiple researches show that fear causes immune system dysfunction. The more fear we spread or live in, the more we give viruses a conducive environment to exist, reproduce and thrive.

Therefore, the best way to contain this new enigma is to be cautious of physical health and be aware of what we believe in. Do I believe I am weak? Or do I believe I am strong and deserve a good life? Do I believe I am helpless or do I believe I am worthy of good health and financial abundance? Our positive belief has the power to transmute the energy of virus into a harmless form.

If one goes by the saying, ‘fear spreads like virus’, then it is fear which needs to be checked.

This event is a call to slow down, to get over the frenzied state that we live in and to re-set our priorities at the individual level and at the collective level. Economically, we are not separate from each other, because emotionally we are not.

If fear can create havoc, then strength can do the opposite: restore health. If physical health is restored, economic health can get restored too (unless panic continues). If collective thought is: ‘we can handle this’, then we can. It all comes down to what we believe in.

Finances, livelihoods, health are all outcome of collective awareness which ultimately, is a sum total of individual awareness/ consciousness. And here in lies individual responsibility to choose to live with precautionary measures and in a high vibration state.