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The New Year is here and resolutions are being made. If you too are on the resolution bandwagon for 2020, how about pledging on a level that changes the core of your being? After all, you want your manifestations quick and easy, isn’t it?

Your resolution could be of a physical nature such as weight loss, good health, abundance or getting rid of an addiction, or of an emotional bent such as manifesting a loving relationship with family, a partner, friends or relatives. It could be purging stress and anxiety (mental) and/or connecting to your own self (spiritual).

Feelings: Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude.

Whatever the nature of your desire is, know that it is possible to manifest it fully and permanently. All you have to do is to cultivate these three feelings — love, forgiveness and gratitude. These feelings reside within you and your task is to bring them to the surface through your thoughts and actions.

Whether this sounds easy or difficult depends on your readiness and willingness.

You don’t have to be physically close to a person to forgive, send love or offer gratitude. And when you receive them you do not have to be near them either. You will feel it. The universe can also manifest them instantly.

The past week, a day after I did a healing session on a 26-year-old man, he reported how the very next day he received a heartfelt apology from a school friend based in Canada who was involved in bullying him at school. This beautiful soul was stunned: “How did this happen?”

Know that the subtle energies work beyond the construct of time and space. The thing is, it works.


There is no greater wisdom than love. Swami Vivekanand’s interpretation of Patanjali Yog Sutra is: “You must not hate, and must love, because, just as in the case of electricity, or any other force, the theory is that the power leaves the dynamo and completes the circle back to the dynamo. So, with all forces in nature; they must come back to the source.” Swami Vivekanand’s interpretation further states: “If you love, that love will come back to you, completing the circuit.”

If you haven’t already, start noticing how the law of nature is uniform; what originates from the source, comes back to the source. (You are the source of what you emote). From nebulae, the sun, moon, and stars are produced; then they dissolve, and return to nebulae. Life replicates on the earthly realm.

So, practice being in the vibration of love, to give love and to receive love. When you create the feeling of love for someone, don’t feel victimised or pressurised. Do it from the space of your inner strength. A consistent practice may be advised. What have you got to lose should you start practicing it from today itself?


Forgiveness is love. Unless you love or cultivate the feeling of it, forgiveness is not possible. If forgiving is not coming easy, check if you have started identifying yourself with the opposite emotions. Yes, identifying and becoming the opposite emotions of resentment, anger or hatred. If you are, inquire as to how living and feeding these contradictory emotions is serving your inner core? To repeat, serving; how is it benefiting you? Inquire in all honesty. Inquire if it is affecting your thoughts and actions? The heavy energies of resentment and hatred has the tendency to drain a person down energetically, cast one with fatigue.

Readiness is important to forgive. One can energetically prepare first before choosing to forgive or seek forgiveness. It may take days or weeks, but once the choice is made, do not analyse or intellectualise the person (including self) or the situation. This means do not get into a blame game, criticise or critique, get stuck into ‘but’, feed excuses, take self-pity ride, past incidents roller coaster ride etc. Instead, preserve and focus the energy on forgiveness. Forgiveness is a high vibratory emotion that cleanses one at the soul level and imparts freedom.


When we live a life of ignorance, that is to say, in an awakened state, we take things for granted. This is an ungrateful state of existence. If you look around and notice how each and every creation of nature/divine is supporting our living, then you can get into the vibration of appreciation. The sun, the air, the water, sea, animals, plants, our own bodies, organ systems, the whole ecosystem. This entire platform was ready for us, to support our existence when we came.

When you start appreciating and feeling grateful to life and all that life has to offer, you start opening up to your higher consciousness. Gratitude is energy. It is a higher form of energy. You can be grateful to a person, place or a thing. By being grateful, you can change the energy of your house, of your relationships and beget clarity. You start becoming kinder and compassionate.

So, briefly, how do working on these feelings bring about, let’s say, weight loss or anxiety reduction? You start becoming mindful. Mindful of your thoughts and actions in the greater scheme of things. As you release emotional weight, wellness manifests.



Mindfulness is awareness of your ‘be-ing’. That you are here. That you are in the present moment, doing what you are doing, feeling what you are feeling, seeing what you are seeing, saying and listening what you are saying and listening, reacting the way you are reacting and being aware of your present thinking. You are present in every action and reaction; as a watcher. In effect, you are adopting an observer’s attitude. (drashta or seer). Watching yourself doing things and being aware that you are aware.

Here is a way to practice mindful meditation.

1. Be conscious that you are going to sit for meditation. That you are sitting. In sitting your body is touching the floor/ chair. Be aware of your leg position, hand and neck position. Be aware of your spine erectness. Be aware of your shoulders. Be aware that you are about to close your eyes having adopted a comfortable posture. Be aware that you have closed your eyes now. Be conscious that through the closed eyes, you are scanning your body posture. The scan is from top of the head to the tip of the toes. Be aware that the posture is correct, stable and comfortable. There is no hurry. There is no rush. All is well. You are in the now.

2. You may or may not be aware that all through the above process you were naturally breathing too. Now, bring your attention to both the nostrils. Be aware of the inhalation and exhalation. Feel the cool air going into the nostrils. Feel the warmness of exhalation. Watch the breath moving from abdomen to nostrils and from nostrils to abdomen. Nostrils to abdomen and back. Notice, how is the movement of the abdomen as you inhale? Does the movement change as you exhale? Focus and notice the abdomen’s rise and fall.

3. Now be aware that you are going to inhale and exhale; this time the cycle will be longer, deeper and rhythmic. You do that for 8-10 rounds. Now leave the efforts of deep breathing. Resume normal breathing. Be mindful of the sensations that deep breathing has created in the body. After a while, when it is time to close the meditation, be aware of each step you take in closing till you get up.

Note that mindfulness does not begin or end with half an hour of meditation. This is just a preparatory practice towards the rest of the 23.5 hours of the day. How are going to behave, act and react in the remaining 23.5 hours of the day.

Persevere in the practice of mindfulness. Afterall, progress proceeds by rise and fall. Are you aware of this?

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: