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Changing perspectives means seeing things in a different light than you are used to seeing. New perceptions open you up to different possibilities and as a result, different outcomes.

New perspectives expand consciousness, open up the mind-matter. You can call a new perspective as a fresh perspective because it indeed lends freshness to the old ways of thinking.

What our five perceptive sense organs register and process may not be true. What appears to be a snake in a dark night may just be a rope; sense organs can mislead, lie, or give a misconstrued story. This is true for how we perceive life-experiences too. An image of a matchbox next to a candle can hold multiple stories/ perspectives. One ought to choose the one which gives a positive emotional response/good-feeling.

Fresh feels good

Why should one bother about shifting perspectives? That is because higher perspectives connect one to the higher truths of life. Higher truths are permanent/eternal and bosom peace, the energy of peace is of closure and rest. Higher truths hold key to the release of one’s pain, misery and suffering. Here are some old perspectives followed by fresh ones.

Old Perspective (OP): It is destined. This is my destiny.

Fresh Perspective (FP): I create beautiful outcomes with whatever is on my platter. I feel satisfied as I work my way through.

OP: Property, possessions make me rich.

FP: My thinking makes me rich.

OP: Money is evil; it is the root of all fight.

FP: Money is energy and it assumes the form which my thinking gives it. The energy of money responds to my thoughts.

OP: This relationship doesn’t matter; I can carry on.

FP: A healthy relationship / a healthy boundary, benefits my health, body and mind. In whatever choice I make, I allow my heart to hold Higher Love for the person.

OP: All men are not born equal.

FP: All men deserve love and respect, the same dignity of treatment as I do.

Changing perceptions

Sometimes, the old accustomed ways of thinking are so established, entrenched and rooted in the psyche that changing to new perspectives seems radical. Sometimes, it takes generations to change a perspective.

How can new perspectives be adopted easily, quickly? By being open to ideas and avoid sticking to one idea, wearing it as your identity. (‘I can’t do it’, ‘it is not possible’, ‘how can I?’ etc). Stop getting identified by an idea or two and becoming ‘heavy’ by the weight of it. Walk ‘light’’ by way of ‘wearing’ ideas mentally first, feeling them, experiencing them mentally and later, choosing to drop or adopt. If admiration ‘feels’ good, wear it more and feel free to drop jealousy.

As you practice and start advancing into opening up of higher perspectives, many walls of illusory/ false knowledge- inherited, acquired or cultivated- will start to fall off.

Living light

The mind (and the sensory perceptions) will be trained to see things, your own life-experiences, differently in broader lights of the truths. In the light of truth, ideas of criticism, judgement and rejection will cease to grow. Limiting thoughts cause suffering because of the closed doors of the mind.

As the mind opens and consciousness broadens, limitless possibilities of thinking, doing, behaving, open up. Miseries reduce, fear is tackled and life begins to offer its sweetness. Each and every situation, acquires new meaning.

Let’s say, I consistently cheated in my business dealings in the past, and now regret my actions. OP: regret, self-criticism, judgement, mental self-flagellation. FP: I did these acts in my lower consciousness. My higher consciousness now guides me to take responsibility of my acts, seek forgiveness, live and conduct in honesty, integrity, humility, be in honest service and safeguard people from cheaters.

This is an entirely fresh perspective to start living with. Higher perspectives connect to higher truths of living allowing peace and closure.