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We all have felt depletion of energy at some point of time, but chronic leakage of energy can take a major toll on us.

Stresses such as being ‘on guard’ (over preparation for life’s uncertainties), being over invested in work or relationships, constant encounters with fight-or-flight situations (such as reacting to the boss demanding a quick result), or non-reciprocated love or care, might make you feel a loss of energy or fatigue.

In many ways, chronic fatigue is a symptom of ‘lack’, constantly present. What are you lacking and what needs to be fulfilled?

Is there some excitement lacking? Or trust in life’s unfolding, what tomorrow holds? Meditate, contemplate to seek your answer instead of succumbing to the feeling of ‘drowning’, where life may appear to be ‘tasteless’, ‘colourless’ or meaningless.

When one is energetically fatigued, physical symptoms can manifest as poor blood circulation, psychologically as indifference to life, mentally as pessimism.

How can one overcome constant fatigue? Check out this five-step guide:

1. Check your mental/thought status:

Many parents are dealing with mental health issues
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What thoughts are you working out with. In the mental gym of your mind, what is the nature of your wrestle? Are you hurrying and scurrying over a thousand chores you want to finish? Are you wrestling with past resentments? Is someone taking advantage of your helping nature? Are you feeling let down over life’s situations? Do you want to make some changes in your life but unable to gather courage to do so?

Chronic fatigue is a clue that fulfilment in certain areas of life is required. Maybe you need to set healthy boundaries for self, prioritise your own needs, stop worrying about pleasing others. Pause. Breathe. Priortise. Trust. Select the quality of your thought work-out. Save yourself anxiety.

2. Develop enthusiasm:

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Attitude towards life needs to be worked upon consciously. When you choose to be responsible to life, you also take charge of your life. If not, risk living in the feeling of being ‘drowned’.

What is your excitement that you want to live with? What is your purpose? As you begin working towards your purpose, it’s a good start to elevate your spirit. Your spirit needs fuel of enthusiasm towards life. When you are off track from the direction of your growth, you feel lack of energy.

New things begin with enthusiasm, carried forward with the energy of enthusiasm. Boredom begins where enthusiasm ends. It is a call to search your purpose. Find your purpose and fulfil it. If you don’t know what your purpose is, then simply engage in what you like doing the most, things that bring inner peace.

3. Deal with a lost past:


When you live in the past consistently or ‘chronically’, and when your day, time and your mind’s energy is consumed with past memories, it is a sign that you need to move ahead, you need the ‘gush’ of future.

Hurtful pasts pin you down. Good memories can give a boost. For example, if you were engaged in an activity in the past that gave you happiness and/or a sense of meaning, you can bring it to the present and mould your future with it, if you still like the energy of it. Having a vision is a medicine to an enthusiastic life.

4. Meditate to find your alignment:

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When we are off the wagon of self-alignment (meaning disharmony between what I want to do and what I do) our soul feels lost. Discord is felt within. Isn’t it true that we feel happy pursuing our abilities, honing our skills, blossoming our talent? And like the feeling of being centred in our unique potential? Our heart sings when we are in alignment.

When did you sing last? Meditate and give direction to your thoughts. Thoughts are energy and pack in immense power and potential. If you think, you are weak, your body, mind, and outer environment will all conform to that thought, yield thus. If you transform this thought to let’s say: ‘I am my abilities and capabilities, no less.’ Experiment to see how you feel now.

5. Write your goals for the future:

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Don’t doubt yourself. A journalist’s goal may be to write a book, work on a movie script or something similar but it is unlikely that goal will include writing a thesis on aspects of trigonometry. That will be a wish. Wishes are not goals. When you write your goals, you will notice that it will mirror abilities and talents that you hold. Set your goals, start living them, take action. Even if it is one bite at a time, you will feel the gush of energy, the spark of life.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at