Wahl’s game-changing products have been setting the standard for the international grooming industry Image Credit: Supplied

Wahl crosses its centennial milestone by introducing a complete line of personal care products including a beard oil, shampoo and body wash. It is this continued commitment to excellence that had solidified Wahl’s place as the world’s go-to-brand for men’s grooming solutions.

Wahl’s game-changing products have been setting the standard for the international grooming industry. Every product carries with it the beauty of tradition, power of technology and assurance of quality.

Any customer of Wahl can be assured that they own a product of the highest quality standards, that has passed stringent safety checks. If it is Wahl, it is world-class.

Wahl’s crowning glory is the limited edition 100 Year Cordless Clipper, a powerful combination of intuitive design and powerful technology. A variety of multi-functional professional-grade trimmers, hair clippers and shavers are showcased under the Wahl Pro, Sterling and 5-Star product ranges. Wahl Pro is one of the most popular lines among barbers and hairdressers, while the 5-Star is uniquely crafted to cater to multiethnic clients.

These hair clippers and trimmers have also made waves in the consumer market through Wahl’s home-use products. Ensuring high standards of safety, ease of use, but uncompromising on functionality, these products offer incredible value for money and are sought-after across the globe.

Much has changed in the grooming industry, and Wahl has continuously evolved, remaining a firm leader in global markets. What has not changed, however, are the values the brand is centered upon. Those who buy a Wahl product are buying into a culture of innovation and a firm assurance of quality. As people’s needs change, Wahl’s line of products also grows, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to making its customers’ lives easier.

Wahl continuous to produce world-class accessories and supporting equipment for use in salons. Every product is painstakingly designed after intense market research and is created to give the barbers community the ability to create any style they want, with precision and efficiency.