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The friendly neighbourhood salon, where everyone literally knows your name, is usually the go-to place for grooming sessions on a budget. This also applies to great body massages at a fraction of the price of fancy hotel spas. The energy healing massage is the latest offering from Tips & Toes and now is the time to check it out due to its discounted price for May.

The salons are dotted all over the city and all branches offer the treatment. I visited the busy and relatively small Jumeirah branch to try out the massage and left utterly relaxed. The very popular salon chain is a busy spot so book in advance.

The treatment: The massage room is a small but properly equipped space with soft lighting from candles. It’s simple and utilitarian, but still comfortable and attractive to look at for the few minutes that I’m not face down on the table. The name of the massage is a little vague, and I doubt my ‘energy’ can be healed from it. My massage therapist does, however, use some new techniques that I have never experienced before. According to her, she will focus on pressure points on my head and lower back. The massage is firm and leaves no muscle un-kneaded. When she reaches my head, she gently pushes her thumbs on specific points on my scalp. Whether it actually does anything, I have yet to find out.

What we liked: It’s a firm, no nonsense massage and it’s affordable enough that I would not mind visiting again. It’s a nice, long 90 minutes as well so prepare to be lulled into a very zen nap. My massage therapist and the staff at the salon are very friendly and helpful, and I noticed that they knew many customers by name. That’s definitely a sign of a good establishment.

What we didn’t like: Nothing at all.

Good for: A relaxing experience.

The details

Where: Tips & Toes

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost for treatment: Dh275