Mai Dubai
Mai Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Mai Dubai started its operations in 2014. As the brand that truly represents Dubai, Mai Dubai is a global brand, which stands for high quality, high standards and a grand consumer experience. There was no compromise when it came to efforts and investments in building a best-in-class company. Mai Dubai has made its mark by embodying the principles and personality that Dubai represents.

‘Mai’ is the Arabic word for ‘water’, the sole rejuvenator of people and the planet. The promise of Mai Dubai goes beyond premium products and services; rather, its commitment is rooted in being proactively responsible towards the environment and highly empowering to the society they operate in.

Since the launch of Mai Dubai, it has become one of the leading bottled drinking water companies in the UAE, and a highly popular brand. Today, Mai Dubai is a household name, not only in the UAE, but in several markets around the world as well. Mai Dubai has exported its products to several countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the GCC. Since 2015, it has been the proud water refreshment partner of Emirates Airline.

Mai Dubai_Factory
Mai Dubai has a fully automated production unit, which ensures 100 per cent hands-free operation Image Credit: Supplied

Choice is a big factor in the company’s success. From products targeted at the youth to premium glass bottles, and from zero sodium alkaline to home delivery solutions, Mai Dubai continues to diversify its offerings to serve a larger purpose. Passionate about sustainability, Mai Dubai’s eco-consciousness has revealed a series of green initiatives, including a factory that’s sheltered by the largest solar rooftop installation in the Middle East, which resulted in net-zero energy consumption in 2020.

What’s more, the company is continuously eager to pursue new solutions to environmental issues in the effort of minimising their global carbon footprint. From its water treatment to bottle filling to packing, all the way to distribution, an estimate of 15,500 metric tons of carbon emissions per year are being reduced by the responsibly premeditated Mai Dubai process.

Mai Dubai lives up to the promise of being an eco-friendly bottled water company by having the second-largest solar roof installation in the world, working with DGrade to turn polyethylene terephthalate (PET) into t-shirts and by always being on the lookout for new renewable technologies to fight climate change and global warming.