I applied for a loan of Dh25,000 with Dunia, but I decided to cancel it later, before it even got approved. They didn’t return my security cheque, which I submitted on March 29. They told me they could not return it, but they would give me an acknowledgement that they would not use it. However, I received a message saying it could be used in the future, if I say so.

I informed them that I would never use the same cheque again in the future, even if I needed a loan from Dunia. I have so many cheque leaves with me, which I can use in the future, without wanting to use the old one.

After several calls and emails, they haven’t returned my cheque or provided a satisfactory response. What happens if they decide to use it without informing me?

I request Gulf News to help with this case, because it isn’t right to keep someone’s security cheque in this manner.

From Mr Haris Abdullah


The management of Dunia responds:

Thank you for your email, as part of which you have shared Mr Abdullah’s query with us. As you are aware, for confidentiality reasons as per UAE Central Bank, we are unable to share any account information of a customer holding an account(s) with us. We are therefore, not in a position to disclose specific resolution details with your publication.

Please consider this email as our formal confirmation, of our having already responded to your Gulf News reader with a comprehensive and satisfactory resolution on May 7, 2018. Please do understand that we need to ensure this confidential approach so as to be able to comply with our stringent internal governance standards on customer confidentiality and information security – as expected by our regulators and also by our customers.

We trust this closes and satisfactorily resolves the matter.

Mr Abdullah responds:

Thank you Gulf News for helping me get my cheque back. The finance chief marketing officer called me and told me I would get my cheque back and the next day, it arrived.

(Process initiation: May 7. Response from organisation: May 7. Reader confirmation: May 9.)

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