Unnecessary trouble

I have a problem with FGB. Their salesperson offered me a Flexi Instalment plan of 0.99 per cent. Initially, I wanted to take this money, but then, when I thought about it, I realised that I’m not ready for this amount. I informed him about my decision by call and SMS as well.

However, without my confirmation and signature, I received an SMS from FGB on March 2 at 9.31am. It said my “quick cash amount of Dh32,400 to Emirates NBD has been transferred and will be processed within three working days”.

I then received another SMS with the same text, except it was for Dh108,000.

When I got these messages, I called the salesperson and asked why he had transferred this money. I informed him that I didn’t need it. He created a scene and said that he didn’t receive any calls or text messages from me.

On the same day, 5.59pm, Dh43,200 was credited to my Emirates NBD account as a telegraphic transfer. But I know that for quick cash, I would need four to five working days to get money. Until this time, my balance was Dh6,008.29.

So I received a message that read: “The available balance of your account is Dh49,208.29.”

The next SMS I received was on March 2, at 6.01pm. It said: “Dh10,800 has been received as telegraphic transfer.”

I didn’t take or spent this amount, because I didn’t need it and I am really not ready for such a large sum, as I know I cannot pay it back and it would lead to issues. My wife has also lost her job. She has already left, because now, there is nobody else to care for my daughter in my home country. I made three complaints about this to the salesperson during that time.

I called customer care and the collections department, and they said I should transfer all the money into my credit card account so that it does not incur charges for me. However, they charged me a lot. I corresponded with them about this issue on March 15, and they are supposed to call me or inform how this process is going on, but they did not. When I called back, they said they did not even start addressing the issue and asked me to narrate the whole matter to another agent.

I am still getting a bill of Dh521, with another Dh250 for late payment. I did not even spend a single dirham, but I still have to pay.

I am still waiting for the collections department’s results. It has been almost four months and there has been no news.

From Mr Sherzodbek Mamatkulov


The management of FGB responds:

FGB is grateful for all customer feedback to which we give careful consideration as we strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of service. The bank has been in contact with Mr Mamatkulov, and informed him that the charges were explained when the Quick Cash loan was booked and remain valid.

(Process initiation: July 27. Response from organisation: July 30. Process completion: September 15.)

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