Unknown charges

I recently received my second statement from First Gulf Bank (FGB) regarding my credit card and flexi account, and there were charges of Dh346 for credit shield and Dh50 for accident insurance — a total of Dh396 on my credit card. On my flexi account was a charge of Dh706 for credit shield.

I only came to know about these charges on my second statement, as the agent said they were free for the first month when I rang them to cancel the charges as soon as I saw them.

I have asked them to reverse these charges but they said they would not.

I did not ask for these insurances and think it is very irresponsible and unprofessional to add these on without consent and the consumer being made properly aware. These products should be sold in a proper way.

I have to now pay Dh1,102 for something I do not want, I did not ask for and had no idea I was being charged for, in the first place.

Please help me get these amounts reversed, as I need to make the payment in two weeks.

Gulf News’ help is appreciated.

From Mr Zak Mobsby


The management of FGB responds:

FGB is grateful for all customer feedback to which we give careful consideration as we strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of service. The bank has been in contact with Mr Mobsby, and informed him that the charges will be reversed.

Mr Mobsby responds:

I can confirm FGB has been in contact with me and agreed to reverse the charges on my account. Thanks very much for the help in this matter.

(Process initiation: April 27. Response from organisation: April 30.)