Unfair charges

Recently, I requested National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) to cancel my credit card, and they told me I would have to pay additional interest of Dh18,821 for the instalment plan, which has not yet started. This is really shocking and unfair. NBAD never explained to me that if I cancelled my card, I would have to pay such a huge amount. I kindly request Gulf News to please help me cancel these charges.

From Mr Godfrey Pais

Abu Dhabi

The management of NBAD responds:

Thank you for your constant cooperation and communication with us in the endeavour to best serve our customers and resolve their issues.

We have investigated Mr Pais’ complaint and below is our feedback.

Mr Pais booked a Balance Easy Instalment Plan (BEPP) in June 2015, and as per our Credit Card terms and conditions, if the customer decides to cancel the plan before the maturity date, he is liable to pay the unbilled interest. However, on speaking with Mr Pais, and clarifying these charges, we now also have a better understanding as to the circumstances in which, he wishes to cancel the credit card. Therefore, for this valued customer, we have made a service gesture in waiving any unbilled interest.

We have contacted Mr Pais and his concerns now stand positively resolved. Thank you once again.

Mr Pais responds:

Kindly note that Gulf News’ intervention had tremendous effect and they have agreed to waive the charges. I am still waiting for their reversal of charges. Thanks for all the help.

(Process initiation: August 19. Response from organisation: August 24. Reader confirmation: August 24.)

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