According to Gulf News reader Sunil Vasandani, parking spaces in Rolla Street, Bur Dubai, are being usurped by commercial vehicles. Image Credit: Sunil Vasandani/Gulf News Reader

I would like to bring to the notice of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), a very important issue that I noticed in my neighbourhood.

Rolla Street in Bur Dubai is a residential area and hence, the paid parking provided by RTA is for cars only.

Recently, the number of pick-up trucks parked in our area has increased. As can be seen in the photograph, the large trucks that are parked in these spaces are too big for the parking slots.


These trucks are dangerous for vehicles approaching from behind and for the cars that are parked between them.

Usually, when reversing from between vehicles, the trucks block the drivers' view — this leads to a lot of confusion. Neither can motorists see cars reversing from between these trucks, nor can the driver who is reversing see approaching vehicles.

It has often proved to be dangerous.

Secondly, since these trucks are long, their drivers usually ensure the vehicle's front wheels are touching the pavement. This means the footpath is often blocked. There is usually no space for people to walk on the pavement due to the obstruction.

Since this is a residential area, why are large, commercial vehicles not banned from parking in these slots?

I request the RTA to please look into this matter urgently.


— The reader is a sales manager, based in Dubai

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