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‘Those were the days’ is a phrase we are all familiar with. We have heard it in family gatherings when people reminisce of the ‘good ‘ol times’. But was the past really that great? Gulf News readers discuss

‘Those were the days’ is a phrase we are all familiar with. We have heard it in family gatherings when people reminisce of the ‘good ‘ol times’. But was the past really that great? Gulf News readers discuss

It’s nostalgia

Simpler times are remembered

I do believe that there will always be a nostalgic feeling of our various pasts, and with it, a feeling that there were better times behind us, rather than the present or possible future. It is easier remembering the ‘good ol’ days’ rather than focusing on the good around us now. And a lot of that isn’t helped by the news cycle of constant negativity. Personally, I do miss the days before mobile phones, where you had to coordinate meetups with just landlines, watches and transportation.

Having said that, there were more than enough problems in my youth that was never talked about, instead either brushed under the rug, or just made light of. Issues such as the various ‘-isms’ that permeated our mindset, due to lack of knowledge and a dearth of instant communication. The same mobiles I lament now, are very useful in allowing us to broaden our minds exponentially.

Remembering the ‘good ol’ days’ are useful to allow us moments where, uncertain as the future can be, there is always the potential of hope in every moment.

From Mr Aldrin Silva

Business development manager based in Dubai

Selective memory

People tend to only remember the good aspects

Often when people refer to olden times it’s the period of time in their childhood or younger days where they seem to find their fondest memories. I personally think that the myth of olden days being a slice of heaven in comparison to the present day and age is not entirely accurate. That period of time would have had its own setbacks. However, when humans reminisce, the better days tend to cloud the memories of the more difficult days they experienced. Likewise at the moment the world is still progressing in terms of security, equality, technology, etc. To the previous generation we may seem to have developed as compared to what it was before yet the next generation will see greater and better days. The process to achieve the comfort of today is rarely remembered because the difficulties of it were nothing but day to day living at the time. Nonetheless, perhaps time was a luxury more available to all before however, greater connectivity to friends and relatives across the globe is a benefit we enjoy today.

From Ms Natalie Verghese

Public relations professional based in Dubai

Time of convenience

Thinking of the past does not reflect reality

Today is without doubt better than preceding years. Medicine has developed remarkably, handling basic day to day tasks have become significantly easier thanks to inventions. Without failing to mention the monumental milestones we have reached as a society working to achieve human rights for all, implementing people’s right to freedom of speech as well as shaping capable, intelligent youth through modern educational tools.

All these reasons are more than enough to believe that today is a drastic improvement from the past.

However, I do understand where the ‘good ‘ol days’ notion stems from, people tend to reminisce about the past simply because there was little to worry about then. Most of those who say that it was a better experience being a child in the past, say it because it lacked media presence to provide people with a real glimpse into the world, how would people be aware of world issues and tribulations.

Remembering old music, food and the bliss of ignorance remind a person with a time where safety and happiness was all that was felt, which doesn’t necessarily correlate with the real world.

From Ms Sarra Hamed

Student based in Dubai

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