Very often, I visit Al Mamzar beach in Sharjah to unwind, and each time, I see violators of the law.

In this picture, one can see a signboard where it is clearly stated that swimming is not allowed in the area. However, people were enjoying their swim with no regard for their lives being at risk.

I believe there is always a place for everything and obviously this is not a place for swimming. This is an accident-prone area due to the many jet skiiers.

We often go to the area every Friday and every time we go, the place is full of children and adults in the water. Though they swim near the shore, I have seen jet skiiers come in close contact with them, which poses a great risk for their safety.

Who will be liable if something bad happens? Is it the authorities who need to crack down on people violating the rules? Is it the jet skiiers who are enjoying their sport or the swimmers who don’t follow the regulations?

The reason why people continue to swim there despite the obvious hazards is that the beach is not as crowded as other beaches in the city. It is the main reason we opt for it, too.

We can still enjoy our day watching the waves and the jet skiiers skid over the water. But if you want to swim, there are other nice beaches in Sharjah that are safe for such activities.

If the authorities deploy people to check that beach-goers are not violating the rules, it would be great. Those who continue to flout rules should face appropriate disciplinary action. This is for the good of all.

— The reader is a nurse, based in Sharjah.

Swimming tips

• Do not swim when the sea is rough, and when red flags are up.

• Do not swim after sunset.

• Beginners and children must never swim alone.

• Be cautious at all times, and check local weather conditions.

• Do not swim close to the breakwater.

• Do not swim far away from the shore and make sure you always have enough energy to swim back to it.

• Stay hydrated to reduce the risk of sunstroke and dehydration.

• Do not swim under effect of drugs.

Source: Dubai Coastal Monitoring and Forecasting Programme (dubaicoast.ae)

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