Image Credit: Giphy

Most social media users seemed to feel strongly about social etiquette. The majority agreed that speaking loudly in a public setting is considered impolite.



I really hate all those people who get a phone call in public and start speaking so loudly.


Speaking loudly on the phone in public doesn’t actually make you seem popular or important. You, in fact, appear insecure and lonely.


Is airport culture taking personal and private phone calls in public, speaking really loudly during your conversation and looking at everyone as if they were eavesdropping?



People who are refined tend to avoid bad habits, such as speaking too loudly, gossiping, or belching in public. If you want to be refined, you simply have to focus on projecting confidence, poise, and grace in your words and actions.


Things you should not do in public: scream, yell, speak while eating, chew loudly. Things people are currently doing in public: screaming, yelling, speaking while eating, chewing loudly.