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What you need to know:

  • Reader urges people to do more for the environment.
  • Climate change is a serious problem and needs to be addressed, not only by governments but by citizens everywhere. 

When I went through the Speak Your Mind topic, I couldn’t stop myself from penning down my inner feelings onto a piece of paper (“Speak your Mind: Nothing to give to Mother Earth?”, Gulf News, May 3). The benefits of saving our planet will ultimately come back to us and our future generations.

I totally agree with the views of people pointing towards restoration of the environment but it’s not only the duty of the government, millionaires or billionaires to act. It’s the duty of every global citizen to take serious steps towards global warming, changing climate patterns and reducing the use of excessive plastics.

The Earth was a gift given to us, and it is responsible for our survival. It is keeping us alive. However, we aren’t contributing in return. We hear so much about climate change and extinction on the news, but not enough action is being taken.

Global initiatives are being taken by many governments and businesses, who are working around the clock, but it’s not just their responsibility to save the planet. Until and unless everyone contributes to helping this issue, it will never be solved.

Let’s take water as an example. If we don’t save our water resources now, there will come a time where our future generations will not have water to even wash clothes. To bring awareness, practical steps need to be taken by the common man. The government should put some restrictions and fines so that people take it seriously.

Last time when I went for grocery shopping, I met a French lady at the counter. She was giving reusable bags to the cashier to keep all her stuffs in. I learnt that plastic is banned in France. I appreciate her and her initiative.

- The reader is a resident of Dubai.