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What you need to know:

  • Reader urges people to not fall for the beauty standards society sets. 

Beauty according to me can be categorised into appearance and virtue. What a majority of us do is make a conclusion based on a person’s appearance. As a result, a person’s virtues get ignored. Only few consider looking deep into a person’s virtue, keeping appearance aside. Cosmetics and make-up bloggers today, play a vital role in defining beauty. Make-up can change the way someone looks. In addition to this, we have various applications now on our mobile phones which highlight and enhance beauty, making us look flawless.

When I see this today, I keep imagining the women of the past, during the 1700’s till the 1900’s. Beauty was not defined by social media posts back then.

Today, some women are considered naturally beautiful and rest look beautiful and appealing through various means now available in the market, to fit into the so called ‘beauty standards’.

When we see someone pretty on a magazine cover, there can be alterations probably done to make the image look pretty, so, I automatically assume that what I see is a prettier version of reality.

I think most people today are aware of the fact that most images we see around are retouched, and don’t represent reality. I personally think that the media nowadays edits too much stuff. To me, it seems like everything that is human, is gone now. They seem unreachable and their ‘beauty’ unachievable, which can harm people’s psyche.

I look up to people who are real and admit to having flaws. This makes them so much more human and relatable.

Usually, the rich can appear ‘beautiful’ due to cosmetics and things that they can afford, to fit the society’s perception of beauty.

Rigorous advertisements for staying fit also gives people a complex and makes them believe that losing weight will help them look beautiful. But, here health has to supersede beauty. It is important to be healthy above anything else.

I believe everyone is beautiful but not everyone sees it. It is truly said that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Our perception, makes beautiful things look more beautiful. For me, a person is ten times more attractive, not by their looks but by their acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty, and loyalty.

- The reader is a writer and former banker based in Abu Dhabi.