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What you need to know:

  • Reader writes about what people should be doing during the month of Ramadan.
  • The reader urges people to be kind, and friendly to all. 

The month of Ramadan is much more than just about fasting and feasting. Let us be more humble and more human this year.

There are many lavish iftars available in the UAE and while it may great to attend those, people should also participate in giving to those who are less fortunate. Let’s visit the hospitals, orphanages, labour camps around our respective cities and share iftars and meals. Let’s indulge in charity with people we know and with people we don’t.

There can be many problems we might be facing but let’s put a smile on somebody else’s face. Let’s try and do this during Ramadan.

With limited working hours let’s keep our gadgets aside and acknowledge our family and friends, let’s talk to people and be present where we go. Pick up the phone and call your parents tell them how much you love and respect them. This Ramadan, use technology to be touch with people miles away but also have moments with people around you.

Let’s drive carefully on the roads. We all want to be home early but not at the expense of speeding. There are families waiting for their loved ones. Let’s manage our time better. Let’s stop the road rage and follow all traffic rules to make it easier for each other.

You might be the one with a powerful car but also think about the other person who is the sole bread winner for a family. Let’s not put our lives and the lives of others at risk.

We should try and be more accepting of people around us and be more empathetic towards our employees. Let’s look at our closets, and give away things we no longer use or have never used.

This month, let us try and pray as often as we can, for ourselves, our families and for the rest of the world. Let there be no wars, let there be no more destruction. Let’s mend our hearts and be more responsible for our actions and extend help to the needy. Let’s try and follow all these virtues during the month of Ramadan.

- The reader is an audit manager based in Dubai