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What you need to know:

  • True friendship is rare, value your friends.

When I started going to school and when it was time to make friends, my parents always guided me by telling me that friends are a very important part of our life so it is important to choose wisely. Friends define who you are. At one point, my whole life revolved around my friends. Whatever my friends said, suggested, advised was the ultimate and final verdict.

Now, after I grew up, I look back and try to figure out the impact my friends had on my life while I was growing up. Of course, I’m in touch with some of them through Facebook and social media but they are not an important part of my life as they were before.

I also observed that I have gathered many friends around me as I changed cities and jobs. But, are the people around us really our friends? When you grow up, relationships change. For example, we make friends with other parents in our child’s school. We keep in touch through social media, parent-teacher meetings, class notes, birthday parties and more, but once school comes to an end, we stop staying in touch.

Similarly, our colleagues, whom we don’t choose but have to work with in the form of teams, become our friends because we spend a lot of time at work. These friends also become strangers once you are transferred, promoted or change jobs. So friendship is actually relative. Indeed, true friends are difficult to find, however in the hustle and bustle of life, if you believe that you have found a true friend just hold on and don’t let go. True friends are difficult to find, so treasure them and enjoy their friendship till it lasts.

- The reader is a teacher at a Dubai school.