Model before a photo shoot, having hair and makeup done. Entirely in-camera effect creating abstract distortion within multiple focal planes. Image Credit: Illustrative purposes

What you need to know:

  • Beauty standards have become more crazy over the years, reader points finger at society

Let’s face it, beauty is a blessing; a gift from God and some are lucky to be born with conventional good looks. But who set up theses beauty norms? Beauty norms are set by society. However, in the past, these norms were set up by the local community. Now, with the current wave of globalization, it is the celebrity culture that rules the beauty world. People have become mere believers and follower. The masses are easily influenced and are obsessed with good looks. The ubiquitous beauty parlour that you bump into at every street corner in all cities, big and small, and even remote villages may tell you the story. The advancement of technology has also contributed to this. Beauty has become the biggest weakness and a major market in the modern-day world.

Who said being fair can put you ahead of a dark skinned person? Why do we have such a lucrative market for fairness creams? While it is believed that being slim is beneficial for many health reasons, who said that a thinner person is more attractive than someone who is not? Isn’t this a mere illusion and a matter of perception?

Those who feel they are not born up to the acceptable standards of beauty seek help outside. Beauty gurus advise them on other contributory factors that enhances beauty other than what you may have been lucky to be gifted with like your dressing sense, the way you carry yourself, your mannerisms, a few make-up tricks and more. Those who feel like they do not fit into society, follow this path and undergo procedures to make themselves look more attractive. It is just an illusion and unfortunately, people believe this illusion. People often go under the knife to alter their appearance and end up regretting it later. Such is the height of obsession created by this illusion. At the end of the day, this illusion wins as people are obsessed with looking good.

- The reader is a teacher at a Dubai school.