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What you need to know:

  • Junk hampers growth, makes you unhappy.
  • A reader urges prople to stop cluttering their homes. 

We all want to live an organised life, right? When we go to a shop, we always get attracted to organisers and items that help you store things easily. However, most of the time you end up buying more clutter.

I have always been an organised person all my life, and luckily, my partner is just as organised as me. We complement each other. We are polar opposites otherwise. We both love leaving our home clean and organised. We feel more relaxed and can focus, by having a clutter-free space.

I always wonder about the people who are messy and have clutter in their houses. How are they able to find their things and manage to be on time to places? I agree, the way we keep our house, reflects our personality. I easily get irked to see my close friends or family member leave clutter around the house. Though I understand people have busy schedules, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the chores at hand. However, neglecting them increases the clutter at home.

I have often seen people complaining about things going wrong in their life, and I have noticed that it is because they are not organised. This makes me wonder why people can’t simply organise their life? It saves time and energy. Also looks appealing. A simple step towards getting organised is eliminating the things one does not need and do not use.

People need to focus on how life improves by letting go off a few items. Lately, I have tried to get rid of old items I don’t use or have forgotten about. I give them away because I think it would be more helpful to someone else. This way I can keep my house clean, making space for new things. At times, it is difficult to part with my old stuff, but at the same time, it helps me trust myself.

If you practice discarding things in life, it will make you stronger. If something no longer serves any purpose in life, remove it. To add value to our existence I feel we should declutter our mind and emotional framework.

People need to get rid of toxic relationships, negativity, guilt, blame and unnecessary worries.

Also decluttering physical surroundings by removing unwanted clothes, old papers and magazines, appliances that don’t work properly and many more such things, will help enrich your space.

Removing all this clutter can actually bring about a positive change in a person’s life. Emotionally cleansing is empowering too. By decluttering, we can let go of the redundant past and embrace a better future.

- The reader is a writer based in Abu Dhabi.