I had shifted to Sharjah in April 2017 and went to buy etisalat postpaid Sim at the etisalat kiosk in Mega Mall, Sharjah at the end of the month.

We were provided with pack options from the booklet and we choose the Dh250 pack with 12GB data and 1,000 local minutes free as I am a housewife and need was fulfilled.

We informed our choice to the attendant who fed the required details in their system with my Emirates ID and my husband’s credit card for the selected package. I was told to sign on the board at the kiosk kept above the counter. We were told the contract would be received on my gmail ID.

We obtained the new Sim card and at night it started working.

On May 2, I received a call from etisalat to confirm my pack, that’s when they told me that my pack was of Dh1,000. I was shocked and told the customer care representative this was not what I selected and they told me to check with the respective agent.

Same day, I went to Mega Mall and enquired about the mistake. They accepted their mistake that instead of 1,000 local minutes, they fed it as Dh1,000 pack into the system and they told me they will give me credit for Dh1,000 and change my pack to Dh250, which i choose; satisfied I returned.

Next month, when I received the invoice, it was for Dh1,000 package (wrong pack given to me) plus Dh250 bill (selected pack) plus Dh1,000 for change of plan (on request less a credit of Dh1,000 for change of plan), net Dh1,200 bill. They gave credit only partly.

I was charged for two packs in same invoice.

I again called the customer care for the complaint and I was told as I had used the Dh1,000 package for two days I should pay full for that bill plus new package. I argued it was their agent’s mistake for giving me wrong plan. Why should I be penalised? In spite of repeated complaints I am not getting resolution.

Now they say, I have signed the contract, for which I said when we selected the contract, the representative feds the details of the same in the system, which customer could not view and while this was going and documents were getting collected, I signed on the digital board kept alongside the table; it was all a simultaneous process and later when we received the contract it was in Arabic. I was never given an option to choose English; then how would I know. Also we rely on the person whom we have conveyed our choice of plan as it handles customers every minute.

Also, when agent accepts mistake, how can they accept half mistake, just giving credit for change of plan and not the wrong plan? How can half mistake be rectified?

Now my outgoing calls and data were barred for nonpayment of the bill of Dh1,248 which was wrongly imposed on me. I am ready to pay if it was for proportion two days, which I used. Dh1,000 is not a small amount that customer can be penalised for. As I had no other communication mode available at home, I was forced to pay this bill to start my services for which I request to get credit.

Why should customers be penalised for agent’s mistake? Just because contract is signed against wrong input from the agent, a customer is penalised saying even a single minute used from the signed contract, the whole charges will apply, it’s height of injustice.

Please help to get the credit.

From Ms Sheetal Kothari


The management of etisalat responds: Thank you for bringing Kothari’s concerns to our attention. Etisalat customer service team would want to apologise on all the inconvenience caused. The rental amount for the month of May was refunded and she was updated on the same. The case is now closed as there is no further action required.

Ms Kothari responds: I confirmed that etisalat has given me the required credit and matter is resolved. Thank you Gulf News for the intervention.

(Process initiation: August 21. Response from organisation: October 4. Reader confirmation: October 5.)

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