No liability letter

On November 19, 2015, I applied for a liability letter from Emirates Islamic bank. After so many follow-ups on their numbers and visits to the bank, I still haven’t received my liability letter. They stated it was under process and would take time. I asked to speak to an official, but the representative said they were not able to transfer, as lines were busy, and I would receive a callback. I was told earlier that I would get the letter latest by December 10, but till today, I have not got the letter, neither do I have any update on when to get it. I request Gulf News to please raise this issue with the concerned.

From Mr Mustanshir Aziz


The management of Emirates Islamic responds:

Thank you for bringing Mr Aziz’s concerns to our attention.

We would like to clarify that since Mr Aziz has applied for a top-up finance from Emirates Islamic, the Liability Letter issuance has been cancelled as per the customer’s request. We have been in touch with the customer to update him about the situation and we would like to inform the newspaper that this matter has now been resolved.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Emirates Islamic is a customer-centric organisation truly committed to providing our customers with world class financial services tailored to meet their specific requirements.

(Process initiation: December 21, 2015. Response from organisation: December 27, 2015.)

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