Children have taken to spray-painting walls in Karama, according to Gulf News reader Mathew Litty. He said: "They must be told that public property is not a playground..." Image Credit: Mathew Litty, Gulf News reader

Whenever I hunt for a place to park near my home in Karama, Dubai, I notice certain buildings that are [tainted] with graffiti and ugly signs that have been spray-painted by young people. This creates a bad impression.

Although most of us stay in old buildings in Karama, we would appreciate it if the authorities would repaint the buildings in order to give it a new look.

Many children can be seen playing on streets and since some of them are not monitored by their parents, they have developed the habit of spray-painting walls. They must be told that public property is not a playground and there should be signs and notice boards put up. Parents who do not keep an eye on their activities should be warned or fined for the nuisance caused by their children.

If parents do not allow them to scribble and spoil walls inside their homes, why should they be allowed to do so outside? This shows lack of respect and consideration.

If parents keep their children busy and occupied with creative activities, perhaps they would refrain from such acts. Through this community report, I urge the authorities to pay heed to this area and take strict action against people who vandalise public property.


— The reader is an operations executive based in Dubai