Has a fellow motorist ever gestured rudely at you? Or an acquaintance abruptly cut you off mid-sentence in a phone conversation? If you've been there, done that, you may be interested to know you are not alone in your experiences. Rudeness, some say, is the fallout of a hectic lifestyle. Others believe certain people are innately brusque and impolite. There is not much that can be done to change them. Are we living in a meaner world? What do you think?

Being polite is no longer a priority in daily interactions.

For some it's not a priority. I think it depends on the person's mood at that particular moment. You also have to consider the diverse cultures we interact with every day. Some things that are offensive in one culture are not in another.
– Maryka Man

I feel like politeness shows respect for one another. People seem to only think about themselves: only thinking about their own needs and agendas and not taking into account how it affects other people. A simple smile can go a long way.
– Ameera Al Khaja

In most of my daily interactions I find people to be polite. I think people these days still maintain a level of etiquette and manners in their lives.
– Francis Machado

We live in a warped society nowadays. People from different backgrounds and cultures are living in a multi-cultural society that is different to the one that they grew up in. In their home countries, people are usually more polite than the countries that they travel to for work or holiday. In some countries, however, there isn't a very strong sense of community.
– Cassandra Prusha

Phone manners are becoming worse because of stress.

Personally, I don't like to use the phone. It's those times when you get a call that you'd rather not take, that you might not act your best. It can be stressful. So when I'm out having fun or on vacation, I make sure to leave the mobile aside or turn it off. People use it too much.
- Behzad Osuli

Depending on the situation, people behave differently when using the phone. If they're in a hurry or have problems on their mind, it will reflect when speaking to someone over the phone. But, really, I find most people are pretty decent on the phone. It all depends.
– Mohammad Asif Ali

If a person is feeling stressed then they usually take it out on the phone as opposed to those who are happy with their jobs. People are ruder nowadays because they vent their frustrations at the person on the line instead of maintaining a professional and polite attitude. Another factor is the environment a person is living in, which reflects in the attitude of the person.
– Judith Zimmerman

We interact with a variety of people every day, each having a different personality. Instead of blaming their rudeness simply on stress, we should also consider that it might simply be their personality. Some can control their behaviour and some cannot. Also, a person may vent on the phone since they cannot see the person. If it was a face-to-face meeting, they might be more polite.
– Ali Raza

A customer is not necessarily always right.

When dealing with a client, a company will look at any transaction in a business-like manner, particularly in the sales department. However, a client may take it personally when the company is unable to meet their demands. Companies cannot always provide their clients with what they want, especially when they want to do something that the company cannot comply with.
– Raed Sabbah

Companies should always be honest with their customers. The advancement of a business should not be as a result of following the customers' complaints but rather as a result of the execution of their vision. However, customer service department should be polite and helpful.
– Anne Angeles

Every establishment has its own set of guidelines and sometimes the customer is asking for something beyond deliverable limits. For example, in the construction business where I work, both parties get everything ironed out before anything happens. There might be minor adjustments along the way but a customer cannot expect to change everything so drastically.
– Riyadh Hassan

The main objective of the customer is to get the best quality at the lowest price, but sometimes that's not always possible. Sometimes a customer will try to return something after the warranty has expired, knowing beforehand the rules and guidelines of a purchase. But you also must help the customer and listen to their case.
– Badr Al Deen Khan

Positive family relationships create positive individuals.

Education starts at home. A positive environment will yield a positive adult but it's not always 100 per cent true because of factors like the outside environment, peer influence, school and work. But the foundation is rooted in the family.
– Yolanda Buencamino

If you don't have a strong mind and sense of self you will find coping with this world difficult. But a strong family relationship is beneficial for everyone. Whatever is ingrained in your child at a young age will be a part of his or her core later in life and they will, in turn, pass it on to the next generation.
– David Tomkinson

Family foundations are very important. They help provide a person with the background that is necessary later on in life. If a family does not have a strong value system, then they do not have anything on which an individual can build their own belief system. A person who has a solid foundation will not be easily influenced by external factors, no matter the situation.
– Carol Page

If a family has a positive outlook then it works. But people can be influenced by certain events or situations. In a marriage, a person who came from a positive background may change a little when they are exposed to different aspects of married life.
– Dananjani Premarathna