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Dubai: At some point in our lives, we have all been that person or at least have known someone who has a list of resolutions as soon as the new year is about to hit.

From promises of hitting the gym every day to making a diary entry every night, people tend to believe that as soon as the clock strikes 12am, and January 1 arrives, it’s time to bid goodbye to unfavourable habits and form better ones.

So, it’s safe to say that we are all well versed with overused New Year resolutions but here are five unique and quirky ones as posted by social media users themselves.


Although shedding a few pounds is a common goal people set as the new year rolls in, Twitter user, Trevor Holmes, @tholmesmusic, has a clever way of going around his fitness goals. He posted: “My New Year resolution is to help all my friends gain 10 pounds so I look skinnier.”

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Whereas, it looks like tweep Julie Adenuga’s, @JulieAdenuga, confidence will remain intact in 2019: “My New Years resolution is to be exactly who I was this year because I’m perfect.”

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Sometimes, the smallest changes can be the hardest to make. User, @JarrettFrizzell, pledged to make a realistic goal and complete a simple yet tedious task in the upcoming year: “My New Year resolution is to actually wash, dry and put my clothes up on the same day. I know it sounds small, but it’s a serious issue in my life.”

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On a similar note, Twitter user, Kennedee Parrott, @5Kenners, also aimed to be more active and let go of depending on the ‘snooze’ button when waking up. She posted: “New Year resolution is to stop hitting snooze 6 times before I actually get up.”

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American singer, John Mayer’s fan and internet personality, Christine Sydelko, @csydelko, used her Twitter account to dedicate her New Year resolution to the artist. She tweeted: “My new year resolution is to come to terms with the fact that John Mayer is in his 40s.”

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