Strange activity

I have been using e-Life Triple Play since February 18. We were supposed to pay a monthly Dh369, but received no bill by mail. We then checked it in our TV options and saw that the bill was for Dh1,194.

I was astonished to see the bill because it showed “National calls and usage: Dh245”. We never exceed our land line limit and didn’t use any other options. I complained to etisalat and they said it was because of us using the On Demand option. I found this rather surprising as we never use the On Demand option. It has been turned off from the very beginning. In the meantime, again, we were charged with another “National call and usage bill: Dh220.20”.

I was being informed about my first complaint through SMS that it’s under process and was later told that it was solved. Then, I further complained and didn’t get any result. After complaining for a third time, I went to etisalat’s office at Al Twar Centre. I told the customer care representative that I received the wrong bill in my account. She checked and gave me my most recent 15-day On Demand chart, which was totally unbelievable. There was a list of movies we supposedly had watched. I never signed up for any movie and didn’t watch a single movie in ‘On Demand’.

Some facts of the chart to be noted:

1. Within 15 days, one movie was repeated three times.

2. Four movies were supposedly watched in a single day.

3. The duration of all the movies watched — one second.

4. Three movies were ordered in a row, within five minutes.

I think these all are unbelievable and impossible situations. The worst part is that the representative didn’t believe my complaint and told me that my complaint is still under investigation and so she couldn’t do anything.

Since then, I have received no calls or text messages from etisalat. Now, I am paying an extra Dh465.20. I am not using On Demand option, but my bill is still increasing.

I really can’t understand why and what I should do now.

From Mr Mohammad Sohelur Rahman



The management of etisalat responds:

The customer is totally responsible for his connection usage. So, as per investigation, customer is not eligible for refund, as all movies were purchased by the customer.


Mr Rahman responds:

I completely disagree with etisalat’s investigation result. I never requested for any movie ‘On Demand’. I am really clueless about the bill listing. So, I just request etisalat to send a technician to check our connection and set-up box for further investigation.


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that we have closed this case. If the customer does not agree, he can visit any etisalat business centre and ask for invoice details. As most of his purchased movies were children’s movies, we suggest that he ask his children about the usage first. If we send a technician to his home to check, it would cost him Dh100 if they confirm that he did purchase the movies. So, we advise the customer to check with his family first.


Mr Rahman responds:

I went to the business centre in Al Twar and received an invoice in detail. It was only after that, I complained to etisalat. I have no children, only my wife and I live in our flat. That’s why I am confident that it was a system error — I confirm that nobody purchased any movies in my apartment. Please take immediate action because I really upset and speechless.


The management of etisalat responds:

We don’t have anything further to add. As per our investigation, the movies were ordered by the customer and could only have been purchased in his eLife account through his remote control.


(Process initiation: May 18. Response from organisation: May 20. Process completion: June 13.)


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