I opened an account with Dubai Bank in 2010, however later, the bank became known as Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB). Due to health reasons, I couldn’t operate my account for some time, so it became dormant. After several visits to the bank, they told me about the documents required to activate it. I completed all the paperwork on January 2, 2018, and a bank employee said it would be activated within five working days. But till now, it is dormant, despite several calls to the bank in this regard. Kindly help me in this matter.

From Dr Shalini Pandey


The management of Emirates Islamic responds:

Thank you for bringing Dr Pandey’s concerns to our attention. Our Customer Experience team has been in touch with Dr Pandey and the issue has been resolved to her satisfaction. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Emirates Islamic is committed to providing the best customer experience to all our clients.

Dr Pandey responds:

I got a message that the account has been activated.

(Process initiation: January 31, 2018. Response from organisation: January 31, 2018. Reader confirmation: February 4, 2018.)

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