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I bought du postpaid package in January 2015 and this package has offered me as 5.5 GB data, 400 local minutes and 200 SMS. The postpaid package agreement was for Dh100 per month and for two years I have not even been using it. But after one year, unfortunately, I moved offshore (Zirku island) project at my company’s instruction. At the same time I come to know that du signal coverage is not available on that island. Therefore I went back to Hamdan Branch customer office and explained about this issue. But they refused to cancel the contract, otherwise pay the remaining 12 months payment. So, I waited for the contract to complete. Again I went back to same branch on February 10, 2018 and checked with salesman about my plan completion and he replied: Your contract is already completed on January 20, 2018. But, I didn’t receive any email regarding my contract closed and confirmation required to continue it further. If you want to close contract, you have to pay until current day due to billing rule. I checked with one billing team agent and he also advised to pay now and then make a complaint request for refund.

Recently, customer team called me and he said this is the agreement you signed, it’s not our mistake. Therefore I asked him the copy of my contract where it’s mentioned like this, but he refused to send it.

I have not used my SIM since December 19, 2017 to date. But anyway contract is asking me to pay two years. Why did they not stop my line and without my further confirmation asked me to pay after January 20, 2018 to February 10, 2018 - around Dh68? They renewed my contract without official notification and information.

From Mr Mohammad Bhasit

Abu Dhabi

The management of du responds: In response to Mr Mohammad Bhasit, our team investigated the matter and found the monthly rental charges will remain valid. The team contacted Mr Bhasit directly to explain the same and confirmed an SMS has been automatically sent from du’s system upon contract completion confirming the same and discontinuation of the Extra Data offer of 5GB valid for the duration of the 24 months contract only. du urges customers to be aware of the contracts and services they are signed up to. We apologise for any inconvenience he may have faced.

Mr Bhasit responds: I am sorry to say this and I won’t accept this response. They didn’t send any SMS, email and call for further renewal confirmation.

Du responds: The SMS was an automatic trigger. Please consider the response as final.

(Process initiation: March 5. Response from organisation: March 22. Process completion: April 2.)

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