Can’t cancel only one service

This is with reference to a letter that I sent to etisalat on March 15, complaining about their services, to which I got a reply saying that their office would get in touch with me in 24 hours. It has been 48 hours since writing to them and they have not yet contacted me. Subsequent to my email, I received no service through e-Vision — the screen was blank. I called them up and another employee gave me another complaint number. This is the fifth complaint number I received from etisalat’s customer care, in 12 days. The employee claimed that my service was upgraded on March 6, which is a lie, simply because I did not get the channel that I requested. Then, he rebooted my service from the etisalat office and, interestingly, I lost quite a few of my existing channels that were available and more interestingly, the channel for high definition cricket that I had initially requested, was completely gone from the channel list.

I spoke to the employee and said that I would like to disconnect the e-Vision service, and he said as a policy, they could not disconnect just one service, but would be able to disconnect my landline, internet and e-Vision altogether.

This is like a rip-off — whether you like their services or not, you have to keep taking it, irrespective of their charges and bad service. I am appalled at the service.

I would like Gulf News to highlight this situation and to help me cancel the service from etisalat. Looking forward to the help Gulf News can provide.

From Mr Shyam Chittari


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue is resolved.

Mr Chittari responds:

I acknowledge and confirm that the issue has been resolved by etisalat. I believe that this was definitely possible only after the newspaper’s intervention. I would like to thank Gulf News for its effort in taking up my matter. Keep up the good work!

(Process initiation: March 30. Response from organisation: May 14. Reader confirmation: May 15.)

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