I would like to bring to Gulf News’ attention that I was charged three months’ late fee by Mashreq bank along with interest on my credit card, for last three months, unfairly. As I started working in my new company, it was mandatory that I have to open a salary account in Mashreq, to receive salary every month.

When Mashreq sales representative came to sign me up for the new bank account, I requested for a credit card. Accordingly, I was told to sign in a few positions in the corresponding form. I was never given a chance to read the fine print. As I have done in the case of my previous credit cards I have ever used, including Emirates NBD credit card, I told the sales representative to link my salary account and credit card, so that my credit card charges will be automatically paid from my salary account every month. Accordingly, he promised to do the same.

Unfortunately, only recently I came to know that I was charged a late fee of Dh414 for three months and interest – totaling Dh1,340 – for which I never made any purchases. Somebody called me from the collection department of Mashreq and directed me to go to a branch to address my grievance. I visited a branch and was told to call in their customer care number instead. I was told from the customer service department that half of one month – late fee can only be reversed at the maximum.

If Mashreq’s sales representative has kept his promise, I wouldn’t have incurred penalty charges of Dh1,340. There was always money in my account. It is outrageous to charge a late fee of Dh414 on my first month purchases of a mere Dh25. Please help me get at least all my three months’ late fees reversed. I am pretty sure that other than the interest, Mashreq hasn’t incurred any loss due to this issue.

From Mr Sreejish Lal



The management of Mashreq responds: Thank you for sharing Mr Sreejish Lal’s concern with us.

We have examined his concerns regarding the late payment fees and interest on his credit card and our response follows.

Our investigation reveals that the credit card application and the account opening applications have been filled by the customer at the same time, therefore there was no account number mentioned on the auto recovery field in the application form.

There was no subsequent request received from the customer after the credit card was issued in January 2018 since he was under the impression that the account would be linked automatically.

We have called Mr Lal and explained him the matter and as a benefit of doubt, we have offered to reverse the amount of Dh1,340.27 - which includes interest and late payment charges levied from the inception of the credit card. Mr Lal’s account has now been linked with the credit card for a full auto recovery as per his instructions.

We take this opportunity to thank Gulf News once again for bringing this issue to our notice.


Mr Lal responds: Thanks Gulf News for raising my complaint to Mashreq. Mashreq has indeed agreed to reverse the late fees and interest. This resolution was made possible only by the help of Gulf News and I thank Gulf News for the same.


(Process initiation: May 22. Response from organisation: May 22. Reader confirmation: May 22.)


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