Always check your bill

I recently looked at a breakdown of the charges for both of the mobile phone numbers that I have registered with etisalat, and I realised that they had charged me Dh100 extra on each, in the rental charges.

My rental charges for etisalat are Dh250 per month for each line, but somehow, without any notification, they hiked up the rental charge to Dh350. I was about to pay my bill, but thankfully I realised the error and contacted etisalat. They said they did not know the reason for the mistake and they would look into it.

I have still not received any feedback and so, I shall not continue to pay my bills, as I did not agree to a 40 per cent increase in my bills.

This is a warning to all people who pay bills — they should thoroughly read through what they are actually paying for.

From Mr Omar Ramadan Sa’ad


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved.

1. Add-on services have been deleted.

2. Dh100 has been refunded.

3. The customer has been contacted and updated.

(Process initiation: May 14. Response from organisation: May 17. Process complete: May 25.)

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