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Friends of RAKAWC

Pasha is a friendly and playful Saluki. He is very affectionate, sweet and full of energy. He will do particularly well in an active family and will need a lot of running. For details, contact us on our Facebook Page or send an email to info@rakawc


38 Smiles

Frankie is a big boy who likes cuddles and to roll over on his back. He was diagnosed with bladder crystals and was abandoned due to his need to be on a special diet. His condition can easily be managed with the special food and plenty of water. He has been healthy for over a year now. For details, contact us at



Konor was found abandoned on the cycle track, scared, lonely and very skinny. He was about six years old then and his kidneys aren’t in such good shape. He will have to be on medication. For details, contact us at