We know Bob Dylan is an amazing artist, but did you know he is not only great with a microphone, but also with a paintbrush?

Yes, Bob Dylan the painter is a side of this artist not many people may know about.

Apparently, the folk singer-songwriter has been weaving magic on paper and canvas for years, but only decided to start sharing his artwork to the rest of the world seven years ago.

This colourful artwork called "Still life with peaches" is just one of the few selected pieces the American singer is exhibiting in the Ross Art Group gallery in New York.

A painting by Bob Dylan

Dylan's "Drawn Blank Series" drawing and other works were created between 1989 and 1992 and will be exhibited for the firt time in the US beginning on May 8.

Paintings by Bob Dylan

Dylan's artwork is inspired by real life, memory and imagination. We can only wonder on the identity of the lucky lady who captured Dylan's imagination in this series of prints called Woman in Red Lion Pub.

A painting by Bob Dylan

The singer-songwriter has sketched and drawn since he was a child.

A painting by Bob Dylan

Where could these train tracks be leading? If you ask Dylan, the answer may be blowin' in the wind.

A painting by Bob Dylan

Dylan has exhibited previous collections of sketches, gouaches and watercolours in other cities around the world, including at London's National Portrait Gallery in 2013, where he showcased 12 of his new pastel portraits.