Lights, camera...propose. The Proposal Boutique’s clients popping the question at At The Top and at a concert in Dubai Media City. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Watch out ladies, your man could just blow you away with a truly bizarre proposal this weekend.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a niche service called The Proposal Boutique in Dubai is working overtime to plan what it hopes will be the most memorable occasions for young couples.

Without giving away too much, boutique founder Caroline Garvey told XPRESS: “We are working on a vast number of proposals this Valentine’s. I don’t want to give the game away but I can tell you about three of our more unusual proposals.”

So here’s the first deal: An exclusive hire of a room in one of the most exclusive hotels in the world, with a Peter Pan theme. “The proposer will be dressed as Pan himself. The theme is woodland and green and we have a projector show starring the couple. This included hours of sticking their face cutouts on to movie parts. The set-up is going to be amazing and magical and involves a lot of trees and candles. You will not believe you are in Dubai.” 

Proposal Oscars

If that doesn’t excite you, how about a night at the Oscars? As Garvey let on, “The lady thinks she will be going to her boyfriend’s work event, but in actual fact she will be going to the proposal Oscars. A red carpet will lead her to a beautifully decorated red and gold room where she will be greeted by paparazzi to capture her reaction. In the room will be a stage and a speaker who will talk about her and the relationship with her man. She will then be given several awards for different milestones. The final award will be her boyfriend entering the room to propose.”

A third proposal will play out as follows. “We are hiring Dubai’s largest outdoor venue and with the help of our favourite four-legged friends (camels), we are putting up a ‘Will You Marry Me’ display on the grass that our lady will see before our proposer pops over the mound on a camel back. We hope the camel plays ball,” said Garvey.

According to Garvey, Valentines Day is the most popular day to propose in the UAE and around the globe. “We thought Christmas would be our busiest time but February has really been chaotic. Around 30 per cent of our work comprises February proposals, most of them being between February 7 and 15.”

She said: “A huge amount of thinking goes into every proposal. Our proposer has to spend quite a bit of time filling out our consultation form. We ask him questions such as the lady’s favourite childhood memory, favourite sweets, hopes and dreams and much more. The team then brainstorms the initial ideas and comes up with something unique and memorable.”