Al Bustan Farms
Image Credit: Supplied

Al Bustan Farms as the only quail production facility in the UAE was established in 1992 at Maleiha, Sharjah. Today, its state-of-the-art facility operates a range of vertically integrated units for breeding, hatching, rearing, processing and packaging, with digitally controlled incubators and environment control systems, a plant that follows a halal slaughtering process, and a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles for distribution.

In 2012 the company set up one of the largest fresh table eggs production facility in the UAE at Sweihan, Al Ain, Al Bustan Poultry Farms takes pride in the fact that people associate its name with safe, fresh and quality poultry products. “We are committed to our nation’s mission to provide the UAE population with safe, high-quality and nutritious food,” says the General Manager at Al Bustan Poultry Farms. "Our goal is to play a fundamental role in realizing the UAE’s 2051 vision for national food security by contributing to the country’s food security targets.”

Al Bustan produces 80 million eggs a year at its 500,000-sq-m farms and plans to expand to comply with the UAE’s food security goals for 2051. The company also lays great importance to the quality and safety of its products. “People are becoming more health-conscious and demand locally produced fresh and quality food that are antibiotic-, hormone- and preservative-free,” says the General Manager. “They are also sensitive to the way animals are raised in farms and what they are fed and are increasingly opting for free range and organic products.”

Al Bustan’s flocks, eggs and production facilities are subject to both internal and external audits and controls so that it can guarantee the highest quality and exceed industry expectations. It has put in place industry-leading food safety standards and best practices and is HACCP and ISO 22000-certified. In addition to quail eggs, Al Bustan Farms offers a variety of chicken eggs ranging from vitamin- D enriched eggs and omega 3 plus eggs to free-range, organic and liquid eggs.