Image Credit: Sharjah

Nestled between Dubai and Ajman, and dubbed the Pearl of the Gulf, Sharjah is best known for its cultural and heritage offerings across the region and often associated with affordable living in the UAE.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why living in Sharjah is a good investment for your future, your family, and your finances.

Affordable housing 

With spacious apartments and villas, beautiful views of the corniche, beaches and the re-vamped Sharjah port, the emirate offers a rich selection of properties at accessible prices – even better with electricity and water bills that won’t eat deep into your savings!

A three-year rent cap in Sharjah ensures that tenants are safeguarded from hikes. For investors, Sharjah’s real estate sector offers great returns on investment and its family-friendly and traditional environment coupled makes it very appealing for tenants. Great areas to live in Sharjah are Aljada, Al Majaz and Al Nahda.

Old school retail therapy 

For the shopaholics, Sharjah is a great for bargains and nifty fashion finds with a range of modern malls, individual boutiques, quaint bazaars, souqs, and tailoring options where you can customise your own outfits. Prices are reasonable, particularly for branded goods and handicrafts sold in souqs where you can find one-of-kind antiques or souvenirs. We recommend and trying street shopping in areas like Jamal Abdul Nasser, the spice bazaar at the Iranian market, and Rolla.

Culture and entertainment that bridges past and present

With the launch of new art galleries, and the rapid development of festivals and central community areas like the Majaz Waterfront, Al Noor Island and Sharjah Amphitheatre and tourism sites including Mleiha, there is always something to do in Sharjah for family-friendly fun.

Museums and galleries offering historical and immersive experiences include child-friendly summer options and there is plenty to keep everyone engaged. In the next few years Emaar hotels like the Address, Vida, and Rove will open within the Aljada area of Sharjah, offering residents and visitors luxury experiences without having to travel far.

A street food haven 

The city’s dining scene offers great street food as well as traditional Emirati fares which makes eating out in Sharjah an authentic and real experience. Try out traditional Emirati and Middle Eastern street foods like shawarmas and falafel, sweets like luqaimat, aromatic and spice-filled dishes from India like biryanis and grills, and so much more. With more projects coming up and featuring walkable areas and green parks.

Sharjah is great for students

Whether you are looking to enroll your children in school, or applying to higher education institutions, Sharjah offers a variety of great schools, like the GEMS schools, or other faith-based schools operated by BEAM, and the American University of Sharjah, one of the most reputed universities in the UAE. There is no shortage of activities outside of school and university campus. Along with museums and historical sites, desert camping and camel racing are high on the list for students and youth looking to keep entertained throughout the year.