1. What are the safety regulations and measures required by law?

The UAE Federal Labour Law specifies certain provisions for employee safety and health care, stipulated under Article 91 to Article 101. The provisions of the law require the following measures and procedures to be adhered to:

Every employer should provide his employees with suitable means of protection against injuries, occupational diseases which may be contacted during work, fire and hazards which may result from the use of machinery and other work equipment. The employer shall apply all the other precautionary measures specified by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The employee however, has to use the safety equipment and clothes given to him for this purpose. He shall also follow his employer's instructions which aim to protect him from danger.

Every employer shall display in a permanent and prominent place at the work site, detailed instructions regarding the means of preventing fire and the means of protection of employees from hazards to which they may be exposed during work. These instructions shall be in Arabic and if necessary another language understood by the employee.

Every employer shall make available a first aid kit or kits containing medicines, bandages and other first aid material as directed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Every employer shall keep every place of work clean and well ventilated. These places should have adequate lighting and be provided with water suitable for drinking, and bathrooms.

An employee shall assign one or more physician to examine thoroughly those of his employees who are exposed to the possibility of contracting one of the occupational diseases listed in the schedule attached to this law. At least once every six months, these, "at risk" employees should be examined and results recorded on their files.

An employer shall provide his employee with the means of medical care up to the standard determined by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in consultation with the Minister of Health.

The employer or his deputy shall inform the employee of the dangers of his job and the means of protection that he has to take. He shall also display detailed written instructions concerning that at work premises.

No employer, his deputy, or any person who has authority over employees shall bring or allow others to bring any kind of alcoholic drinks for consumption on work premises. He shall also not allow any person to enter the establishment or to remain in it, while he is intoxicated.

Every employer employing employees in remote areas not served by public means of transportation, shall provide his employees with the following services:

Suitable transportation.
Suitable accommodation
Suitable drinking water
Suitable food
First aid services
Means for entertainment and sports activities
All the above services apart from food material will be on the employer's account.