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The LG G6 and 4 other bits of smartphone news at MWC 2017

Here’s a roundup of the coolest announcements at the show

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry. Also known as ‘that thing in Barcelona where they launch new phones and stuff’. Well it has just wrapped up and here’s a roundup of the coolest announcements at the show.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

These guys are quite dependable with their launches at MWC. You know you’re getting something and you know that it is going to be good. Meet the new Xperia XZ Premium.

As always, with Sony, let’s begin with its camera that features a 19MP high-resolution sensor. This Xperia is packed with tech and experience borrowed from the Sony ‘α’ and Cyber-shot cameras.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Apparently, its camera is so advanced that it “captures motion that the human eye can’t see”. We would love to test that out, but we probably won’t be able to see the difference anyway, so we’ll just trust Sony on that.

Motorola Moto Mods

The Moto Z is a phenomenal device with amazing accessories. What beats a speaker, projector and a Hasselblad camera attachment? Well, a photo printer, Amazon’s Alexa, a possible game pad! Bring on 2017 Motorola!



Since we’re on the topic of modular phones, remember the LG G5? That’s nice. Now forget about it because the non-modular G6 is here. The latest G features a revamped design with glass and metal. Its specs and features won’t get your heart racing, but its rear cameras are now both 13MP each.

Huawei P10

These guys are on a roll. While I’m still fangirling over 2015’s Mate S and Mate 8 (not to mention their P9s, the Nova, the Mate 9s and literally all the Honors) they’ve announced the P10. Upgraded rear dual cameras with 3D facial detection aim to put “…a portrait studio in your pocket.”

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 2017

I’m not too excited, including this device on this list, mainly because it’s pointless and to be blunt, quite useless when compared to the other names here.

Sure, it could have been an homage to the original or a neat marketing gimmick by HMD global (the guys who own the Nokia brand now) to get everyone talking about the brand again while they unleash a powerhouse of a phone in the near future.