Ezzeldin Hussein, Regional Senior Director, Solution Engineering – META at SentinelOne Image Credit: Supplied

SentinelOne, a global leader in AI-powered security, announces its participation at GISEC 2024, held from 23-25 April 2024 at Dubai World Trade Centre. SentinelOne will spotlight Purple AI, an AI security analyst which empowers organizations to identify threats earlier, respond faster, and stay ahead of attacks. The company will also display its Singularity Platform, including Singularity for Identity, Singularity Cloud Workload Security, and the Singularity Data Lake.

The impact of AI on cybersecurity has revolutionized the way organizations in the Middle East detect, prevent, and respond to cyber-attacks. The industry’s most advanced generative AI technology, Purple AI supports analysts by detecting, analyzing and responding to threats using conversational prompts and interactive dialogue. It streamlines cybersecurity operations by combining tools and synthesizing threat intelligence into a conversational user experience, empowering analysts of all skill levels with AI-driven SecOps tools.

"We are dedicated to empowering organizations to embrace the future of cybersecurity with confidence. Through our AI-driven solutions, we provide organizations with the tools and intelligence to anticipate threats, manage vulnerabilities, and protect their digital assets anywhere in the world,” said Ezzeldin Hussein, Regional Senior Director, Solution Engineering – META at SentinelOne. “GISEC is an excellent platform for us to engage with industry leaders, innovative startups, and our partners in the cybersecurity field. Visitors can expect interactive demonstrations, expert insights, and personalized consultations to understand how our solutions can empower their organizations. We take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to advancing cybersecurity resilience in the region.”

Alongside Purple AI, SentinelOne will showcase Singularity for Identity – enhancing threat detection and response for identity-based surfaces like Active Directory and Azure AD, ensuring the integrity of identity infrastructure and credentials. SentinelOne will also highlight Singularity Cloud Workload Security, ensuring security and visibility across VMs, servers, containers, and Kubernetes clusters in hybrid cloud environments, and protecting assets across public and private clouds and on-premise data centers.

Attendees can also learn about Singularity Data Lake, a centralized repository that unifies and transforms data into actionable intelligence for real-time investigation. It allows businesses to ingest security and IT data from any source and store it for as long as needed. By leveraging AI-driven analytics, connecting disparate datasets and eliminating duplication, the Data Lake empowers organizations to gain complete visibility across their entire enterprise and improve their overall security posture.

Senior executives from SentinelOne will be present at booth C73 to demonstrate how their AI-driven solutions have made a real-world impact in preventing cyberattacks, minimizing downtime, and protecting critical data and assets.