Fun Facts about the UAE

1. Dubai is home to two of the worlds’ largest dancing fountains the world. The Dubai Mall. Fountain and The Palm Fountain.

2. Ajman is the smallest emirate in the UAE.

3. The UAE has a literacy rate of 93 per cent.

4. Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate in the UAE.

5. The UAE population consists of more than 200 nationalities.

6. Umm Al Quwain is the least populated emirate in the UAE.

7. Sharjah is considered the cultural capital of the Middle East.

8. Ras Al Khaimah receives more rainfall than any other emirate in the UAE.

9. The UAE has a total population of 9.8 million people.

10. The total land population of the UAE is 83,600 square km.

11. The UAE’s national animal is the Arabian oryx.

12. Arabic is the official language of the UAE, but over 200 languages are spoken here

13. The UAE is a federation made up of seven emirates.

14. Fujairah is the UAE emirate that has the most mountains.

15. The oldest mosque in the UAE is located in Fujairah and it’s 600 years old.

16. The UAE is the first country in the world to have a minister for Artificial Intelligence.

17. The Dubai Aquarium tank is the largest suspended aquarium in the world.

18. Dubai is home to the world’s first 7-star hotel. The Burj Al Arab.

19. Abu Dhabi is home to a falcon hospital.

20. Dubai is home to a camel hospital.

21. You can eat Camel milk chocolate in the UAE.

22. You can also try a camel burger too.

23. Dubai’s Gold Souk is the largest market for gold in the world.

24. The UAE also has ATMs that dispense gold bars.

25. Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is the world’s first zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city.

26. Dubai has four human-made islands: The Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali, Deira Island and The World Island.

27. Prior to the 1930s, pearling was Abu Dhabi’s most important industry and primary source of income.

28. In the UAE, petrol and bottled water are around the same price.

29. The official religion of the UAE is Islam but it is home to over 40 places of worship for other faiths.

30. UAE is bordered by Oman and Saudi Arabia.

31. Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport is one of the largest airport terminals in the world.

32. Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world. It is 828 meters high.

33. Dubai Police have a range of supercars ranging from Bugatti, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini and more.

34. The UAE is home to the richest horse race in the world, the Dubai World Cup.

35. Dubai is home to the world’s most expensive cupcake. It costs Dh3,700.

36. Dubai restaurants have a habit of dusting gold on a lot of food. Steaks, burgers, ice creams… even Karak chai.

37. The male population outnumbers the female population in the UAE.

38. There are 10 airports in the UAE.

39. The Dubai Metro doesn’t have a driver.

40. Palm Jumeirah can be seen from space.

41. The UAE is rated as one of the safest countries in the world.

42. The Dubai Mall is the world's biggest mall home to 1,200 shops, an underwater zoo and an ice rink.

43. You can go skiing indoors on a four-kilometre slope in Dubai.

44. The Ghaf tree is the National Tree of the UAE

45. But the most commonly found tree in the UAE is the date palm tree.

46. The UAE is responsible for 6 per cent of the world’s date production.

47. There are no ‘real’ rivers in the UAE.

48. The Dubai- based Geovora Hotel is the tallest hotel in the world.

49. The UAE can literally make it rain. Through cloud seeding.