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For many smokers who often enjoy a shisha puffing session but still worry about the health warnings associated with the common habit, a new nicotine-free shisha has finally been invented.

And it will be in the UAE soon, say proponents.

Going with the tagline ‘Stop Smoking Start Steaming,’ Shiazo Shisha, is made with flavored covered stones without the harmful tobacco normally present in the normal shisha, giving shisha lovers a healthy alternative to smoking.

S. Y, a manager at an event’s company explained that while she used to smoke the regular shisha over four times a week, she switched to the steam shisha immediately after she tried it.

“I’ve been using the cherry flavor now for a while, and I completely love it,” she said adding that the new shisha doesn’t give you a heavy feeling or headache but instead has a cooling effect despite the numbers of hours you smoke it.

With the shisha flavors being replaced with steam stones, the new ‘healthy’ form of shisha gives out steam when the stones are heated instead of smoke.

“Shiazo steam stones use flavour-injected porous rocks to produce a nicotine free, smoke free vapor that is smooth and surprisingly delicious,” said Fahad Abdulla Managing Director of Shiazo UAE.

The new invention was created in Germany after the authorities started a strict crackdown against tobacco products. “Since its launch, many people have turned towards the alternative,” added Abdulla pointing out that many first time users have highly recommended it.

Unlike the normal shisha, the stones used in the steam shisha are not harmful, but instead smokers will be able to notice the soothing effect on their throats when steaming.

“Till date no harmful side effects have been found after using Shiazo,” said Abdulla adding that claim is supported by a certification issued by the German authorities.

Available in the UAE?

Offered in 40 different flavours and available on a delivery basis only, Shiazo shisha plans to expand its products into the café and restaurant scene.

“It won’t be long before your favourite cafes willbe offering Shiazo,” said Abdulla.

Since steam shisha is still on its way to cafes around the city, some shisha steamers are taking their new obsession into their own hands. S.Y explained that she carries her own pack of flavoured stones in her bag when she goes to regular shisha cafes.

“I ask the waiter to use the stones and set up the shisha for me with no tobacco even though I get charged the same amount,” she added.

With steaming being a healthier alternative to the long addictive habit of smoking, recommending the stones to friends and family who are smokers is very important, added S.Y.

Smoker’s views

Recently introducing the new shisha through social network websites such as Facebook, many shisha lovers are sceptical of the idea of steaming instead of smoking.

Smokers are mainly concerned with whether they will be able to indulge in the act of puffing steam in the same way they did when puffing smoke.

Shisha user Osama Jasim from Iraq explained that since he enjoys smoking shisha two to three times a month for social reasons, he is not as interested in the new type of shisha as a regular smoker might be.

Despite not having tried the product, Jasim believes that this type shisha will be most beneficial for heavy shisha smokers who enjoy the harmful habit on a daily basis.

University student Moahmad Sayed doesn’t completely agree however. “I smoke shisha every few weeks mainly as a form of socializing, not for the tobacco or the taste,” he said. Sayed added that while a healthier option is available, he would surly be interested to try it out.