Sharjah: UK’s famous ‘Ministry of Science Live’ show is coming to Sharjah for the first time to make science education accessible and entertaining to children, it was announced.

Under the theme ‘The world is one classroom’, ‘Ministry of Science Live’ will hold a brand new show demonstrating some bizarre new experiments to spread the word that physics and chemistry are both interesting subjects and that every child has the chance to become a life-changing scientist.

Many elements of the 60-minute production range from the traditional science subjects such as weight, speed and gravity to the truly outlandish, including fire tornadoes, elephants’ toothpaste, the future of travel and exploding ping pong balls.

The show will also illustrate how inventors, engineers and scientists have shaped the modern world we live in and how the children themselves can be the spark that ignites a new way of working or living.

The event will be held at Masrah Al Qasba Theatre from February 21 to 23, and aims to help children associate these two subjects with a positive mindset rather than a nervous attitude to a class which can seem ominous to many students.

The show will also be bringing the message to both parents and students that science progress is a global movement and that everybody can contribute to the future development of the world — irrespective of race, gender, religion or location.

Sultan Shattaf, Manager of Al Qasba, said: “We are delighted to host such a dynamic show. It’s a great addition to our portfolio as we continue to draw more global events and entertainment. As Al Qasba grows in stature as an international venue, we attract more and more citizens, residents and tourists of all ages and nationalities.”

He added that, “The ‘World is one classroom’ is exactly the type of show which makes us one of the most preferred event destinations in the region and helps to lift our status on the global tourism, cultural and educational stage.”

The one-hour shows will take place each morning for primary school students at Masrah Al Qasba Theatre. Performances for the general public will be held on February 22 and 23, starting at 7pm. All tickets are available at Al Qasba Information Desks and priced at Dh50.

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